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How to Factory Reset MSI Laptop? [Guide by MSI Geeks]

How to Factory Reset MSI Laptop

MSI is primarily a gaming laptop brand, and we all know that gamers rarely have the patience to wait and go through numerous procedures to complete a task.

So, to keep up with a gamer’s frenetic pace, even the arduous factory reset process is speedy and painless on an MSI laptop.

Simply reboot your MSI laptop and press the F3 key on your keyboard as soon as the brand logo displays on the screen to factory reset your laptop.

By doing so, you’ll be taken straight to the Restore/Advanced Options Interface, where you’ll perform the factory reset.

Don’t worry if you’re in a rush; I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step below.

How to Factory Reset MSI Laptop? [Detailed]

You should make a backup of your vital data before beginning the restore process because we’ll be formatting the drive (through system partition recovery) as part of the MSI factory reset procedure.

In any case, because MSI laptops include pre-installed recovery partitions on their system disks, all you need to do is utilize this feature to do a factory reset.

To learn how to achieve it, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Connect your laptop to AC power before beginning the process to avoid complications such as battery drain, etc. mid-process.
  2. If the laptop is already on, turn it on or restart it.
  3. Press F3 on your keyboard to enter the System Restore Interface as soon as it starts up and the MSI logo appears on the screen.
  4. Select Troubleshoot from the Choose an option screen.
  5. Select Restore MSI factory settings in the next (i.e. Troubleshoot) interface.
  6. Then, on the “MSI Recovery System” interface, select System Partition Recovery. When prompted to confirm that all settings and data will be wiped, press Yes to proceed.
  7. If you’re asked again, “Are you sure you want to do it?” click Yes.
  8. The laptop will now begin the restoration process and indicate the amount of time that has passed on the screen. Make sure the laptop is plugged in again, as this could take a long time.
  9. Stay put for a while, and when the process is through, press OK to continue and restart the system.
  10. Finally, hit Continue to exit the MSI recovery environment and restart the device when you’re back on the Choose an Options page.

Simply wait for the laptop to reboot, then select your language and location, as well as other details such as login and password, and you’re done.

You now have a brand new MSI laptop with all factory default settings and improved overall performance.

So go ahead and install all of the available Windows and minor updates to get everything up and running again.

How To Factory Reset MSI Laptop With Windows 10?

Restoring an MSI laptop to its factory default settings is not difficult. Simply follow the steps mentioned below.
Note: These instructions apply solely to MSI laptop brands. Please make a backup of any important data before doing a complete reset.

Turn on your laptop and hit the F3 key continually until the MSI logo shows. You’ll now have access to the System Restore interface.

If your laptop is powered on, navigate to the control panel and locate the interface.

A menu with options such as “Continue,” “Use a device,” “Troubleshoot,” and “Turn off your PC” will appear.

To continue, select the “Troubleshoot” option and hit enter.

To proceed to the next step, select “Restore MSI factory settings” from the Troubleshoot menu. The menu contains various options, including ‘Reset this computer’ and ‘Advanced Options.’

To proceed to the next step, pick “System Partition Recovery” from the subsequent menu. Your laptop’s operating system will notify you, informing you that your system settings and data are about to be formatted, and request your permission to restore them.

Navigate to the “Yes” option, which will take you to the next step, using the arrow keys.

Your MSI laptop system will then ask you if you wish to proceed, and if you do, you will go to the next phase.

Once you access the restoring interface, the restoration preparation will begin. Ascertain that your power supply is not interrupted. Allow sufficient time for the restoration to be completed.

To exit and restart, click “Continue.” Following the reboot, the machine will revert to its factory default settings.

FAQs on How to Factory Reset MSI Laptop?

How long does it take to reset an MSI laptop to factory settings?

If you follow the procedures carefully, it should only take you 20-30 minutes to completely delete your MSI laptop’s files.

On a laptop, is there a factory reset button?

Start your laptop and press F10 or F2 (depending on your laptop model) to access the recovery console, which will provide you with choices such as a system wipe. To avoid losing your data, ensure you’ve already backed it up.

Conclusion on How to Factory Reset MSI Laptop?

Apart from everything else, MSI has made the factory reset process on its laptops quite simple. And it’s easy to understand why, given the brand’s massive, head-first gaming culture.

While accessing and starting the factory reset on an MSI laptop is as simple as following a few basic steps, I believe the process takes a little less time than usual.

Finally, while factory restoration is the easiest option to repair a lot of device issues, you should think twice about your data before you start. Do a thorough examination of your data and ensure that all vital items are backed up, as there is no way to stop the process once it begins.

If you want to learn how to factory reset an MSI laptop, scroll up. I’ve answered the question in great depth above, but if you still have any questions, feel free to continue reading below.

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