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How to Factory Reset ACER Laptop Without Password? [3 Easy Methods]

How to Factory Reset ACER Laptop Without Password?

A factory reset is a software recovery procedure used to restore the Acer laptop to its factory default settings.

While Acer laptops are convenient, they are prone to a variety of challenges while held in the user’s hand.

If this occurs, you can factory reset the Acer laptop (without the password or the CD) and return it to its original state.

This post will demonstrate how to do a factory reset on an Acer laptop without using a password. Additionally, you will discover how to deactivate the Acer laptop’s password and then reset it to factory settings.

Continue reading to learn the best and simplest method for resetting the Acers laptop to factory settings without a password.

3 Ways to reset your Acer laptop to factory settings without a password:

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Way 1: Reset Acer laptop to factory settings with installation or repair disk (For Windows 10/11)

Way 2: Restore Acer laptop to factory settings with “Alt + F10” keys (For Windows 10/11)

Way 3: Reset Acer laptop to factory settings by Software Management (For Windows 10/11)

Method 1: Factory reset Acer laptop using installation or repair CD

This method applies to both Windows 10 and Windows 8/8.1, however, we will use Windows 10 as an example.

If you have a setup or repair disk, you may configure your Windows 10/8 PC to boot from it and then reset the device to factory settings without entering a password. If you do not have a setup/repair disk, you can download the Windows 10/8 ISO file and use a USB or CD disc to build an installation drive.

To reset factory settings on an Acer laptop using the setup/repair disk:

Connect your Acer laptop to the setup/repair disk.

Use the setup/repair DVD to boot your Acer laptop.

Click Next on the installation screen.

How to Factory Reset ACER Laptop Without Password fix 1

On the left-hand side, click “Repair this PC.”

Click on “Troubleshoot.”

After that, click “Reset this PC” (on Windows 10).

On Windows 8/8.1, the methods are slightly different; you may just follow the on-screen directions to refresh or reset your Acer laptop.

  1. On the subsequent screen, you have two options: “Keep my files” or “Remove everything.”

Select “Remove everything,” which will assist in deleting your user account data and password. If you select “Keep my files,” the lost password will not be cleared.

  1. Select your operating system.
  2. Specify which drive to wipe clean: “Only the disk on which Windows is installed” or “All drivers.”
  3. In the subsequent phases, there are likewise two possibilities to choose from; choose the suitable one.

If you intend to keep your PC, choose “Just delete my files.”
If you intend to recycle this laptop, choose “Full clean the drive.”

  1. If you are certain you want to factory reset your computer, click the “Reset” option to begin the procedure.

Method 2: Using Alt + F10 on startup, factory reset your Acer laptop without a password.

You can factory reset the Acer laptop without a password or a CD using the Alt + F10 keys and restore the operating system.

You will not require the administrator password because you will not be interacting with the operating system. Rather than that, you’ll need to hit Alt+F10 as the laptop begins to boot.

To restore the Acer laptop to factory settings without using a password, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: To switch off the Acer laptop, press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds.

Step 2: Power on the Acer laptop by hitting the Power button; press Alt+F10 as soon as the Acer logo appears (simultaneously).

Step 3: If the procedure is carried out successfully, a Please Wait for the message will show and the Acer laptop will boot to a blue screen with the words— Choose an option. Troubleshooting is an option.

Step 4: Next, click the Reset this computer option.

Step 5: At this point, you’ll see two options:

  • Maintain my files
  • Eliminate everything

To factory reset your Acer Laptop, select “Remove everything.”

Step 6: Once again, you’ll have two options: Delete my data entirely or completely wipe my disk. Select Simply delete my files.

Step 7: Following your selection, you will get the following message—Resetting will delete the following. Choose the option Reset.

Following that, the Acer laptop will begin the reset procedure. Typically, the first resetting procedure takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. Once completed, the Acer laptop will begin the 30-minute Windows installation procedure, which will require many restarts.

Step 8: Following the last restart, you’ll see the Windows setup for the first time. You may proceed by filling in all of the required information.

By finishing this step, you will be able to successfully restore the Acer laptop to factory settings without the need for a password.

Why is Alt+F10 ineffective?

  • You must enter the Alt + F10 keys immediately upon the appearance of the Acer logo; they will not operate after the operating system begins.
  • You may have accidentally removed the recovery partition.
  • You may have modified the partition type, size, or other properties of the partition – any such modification will result in Alt + F10 not functioning.

Method 3: Restore the Acer Laptop to Factory Settings Without Using the Password

As previously stated, the Alt + F10 keys may go inactive at times. If this is the case, you can perform a factory reset of the Acer Laptop by logging in.

Because logging in (to Windows) is required for this approach to operate, you will want the administrator password. However, as implied by the title, if you do not know the password, you may still restore the Acer laptop to factory settings.

You may quickly delete the Acer laptop’s password with PassFab and then do a factory reset using this approach. Additionally, you may use PassFab 4WinKey to retrieve vital data from the laptop before resetting it.

This is a two-step technique that entails the following:

  • PassFab 4WinKey – Windows password recovery program — removes the password from an Acer laptop.
  • Log in to do a factory reset on your Acer laptop.

Simply follow these instructions to reset your Acer Laptop to its factory default settings without the need for a password.

3.1 Using PassFab 4WinKey, remove the password from an Acer laptop.

Step 1: Visit the PassFab 4Winkey official website to download and install the PassFab 4Winkey program on another laptop. Additionally, you will want a formatted USB flash device.

Connect the USB drive to the PC that is running PassFab 4Winkey. PassFab should now be open; from the main menu, choose the USB device and click Next.

PassFab 4WinKey will begin the Burning process when you click Next. Eject the portable device after the process is complete.

Step 2: Now, put the USB drive into your Acer laptop to deactivate the password. After inserting the SD card, restart the Acer laptop from the login screen, pressing F12 during the restart process. This will bring up the options for the Boot Menu.

From there, use the arrow keys to navigate to and highlight the Boot menu, which will display a list of all available drives.

By using the arrow keys, highlight the inserted device, and pressing F6, move it to the top.

Press Enter once to confirm your selection; press Enter again to save and exit BIOS settings.

Step 3: After quitting BIOS, your Acer laptop will restart. Then, using the PassFab interface, pick the Windows System (the installed version).

Select the User Account that you wish to use. Then, click Next and select Remove Account Password (in the bottom right corner).

Step 4: After a few moments, your Acer Laptop’s login password will be successfully deleted. Additionally, you’ll see a tab with a Reboot toggle. Simply click on it.

The Acer laptop will restart when you pick Reboot. Remove the portable USB device at this point.

Additionally, you may log in to your Acer laptop without a password. The next section demonstrates how to reset the Acer laptop to factory settings after signing in.

3.2 Login to Perform a Factory Reset on Your Acer Laptop

Following a successful login to Windows, use the following easy steps to factory reset the Acer Laptop.

Nota bene: A factory reset resets the Windows machine to its basic condition by deleting all files and applications and restoring default settings.

Before continuing, make a backup of any required files on the Acer laptop.

Step 1: Select Update & Security from the Settings menu.

Step 2: On the left, choose Recovery and then Get Started.

Step 3: On the following screen, you’ll notice two choices:

  • Reset my data (resets the System disk to its default configuration—removes only installed apps and preferences).
  • Remove everything (to reset the Acer laptop’s disks to their factory preset settings—erasing everything).

Select an appropriate option.

Step 4: Select the method via which you wish to restore the option. A popup labeled Additional Options will appear, allowing you to remove (or not remove) specified settings. If you do not wish to make any more changes, click Next.

Step 5: A message window will appear. Reset the choice by clicking it.

When you select Reset, Windows begins the resetting process. The factory reset will take some time to complete. Your Acer laptop will automatically restart and reinstall Windows.

Following the final restart, follow the on-screen prompts to successfully complete the factory settings restoration.

3.3: From ERecovery Management, reset your Acer laptop to factory settings.

This method applies to Windows 7, as well as Windows Vista.

If your Acer laptop is unable to start normally, it will immediately boot into ERecovery Management mode.

If it is unable to boot to the Recovery Management screen automatically, you can turn on the computer by pressing the “Alt + F10” keys on the keyboard simultaneously.

  1. Disconnect your Acer laptop from the power source.
  2. When restarting your Acer laptop, simultaneously press the Alt and F10 keys.
  3. Select Restore.
  4. After that, you have three options for resetting your Acer laptop to factory default settings: Restore the system to factory default settings completely; restore the operating system while retaining user data, or reinstall drivers or applications.
  5. After selecting the desired choice, follow the on-screen prompts to begin the restoration procedure.

FAQs on How to Factory Reset ACER Laptop Without Password

Need to factory reset your ACER laptop without a password? Find the solution in our FAQ guide. Learn step by step how to reset your laptop and regain access. Unleash the potential of your ACER laptop with expert guidance for a password-free factory reset.

How do I unlock my Acer laptop if I forget the password?

Restart the Acer laptop; press Alt + F10 to access the recovery partition when the Acer logo shows.

If it is unable to completely restore factory settings, you may need to restart the Acer laptop, press the F2 key to access the BIOS settings, and then navigate to the Boot menu to enable D2D Recovery.

Why is my computer stuck on the login screen?

If a Windows update fails completely, your laptop may lock up. Getting into “Safe Mode” and then starting up has been reported to resolve the “Windows 10 login difficulty” in the majority of situations.

Does a factory reset delete everything?

It will delete all data stored on your device’s storage. Cleaning a hard disk, which completely deletes all data from memory, is comparable to formatting a computer.

Conclusion on How to Factory Reset ACER Laptop Without Password?

As you have seen, performing a factory reset is not difficult at all.

Whichever issue you’re experiencing: poor performance, unusual sounds, or lost Acer laptop passwords, you may quickly factory reset the Acer laptop by following the instructions in this article.

Unfortunately, if you factory reset the Acer laptop without a password, it is doubtful that any critical files will be restored.

If you must log in to Windows to restore any vital files, however, use PassFab 4Winkey to erase the password and then factory reset the Acer laptop.

PassFab 4Winkey is the greatest Windows recovery application for removing or resetting the administrator password simply.

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