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Are Decals or Stickers on a Laptop Unprofessional? [Ultimate Guide]

A girl with a laptop which has many stickers.

Is putting decals or stickers on your laptop unprofessional? Some people like to put stickers and decals on their items, especially laptops. Because they feel different from other people.

Whatever you do, or stickers you put on should reflect your personality. We often see people wearing custom keychains, characters from certain movies or games, and phone cases, but the latest trend is to put stickers and decals on laptops.

But people need clarification about stickers.

Some people think putting stickers on laptops is unprofessional, but others have a different opinion.

This article will answer your question about whether the decals and stickers you put on your laptop are unprofessional.

Next, we’ll discuss other exciting facts about stickers, such as which stickers you should use and where to store them.

Stick with this post till the end!

Can I put stickers on my laptop?

A women thinking about sticker on laptop

Rules for stickers and notebooks are often decided in order from the top. Knowing the CEO’s thoughts is always good because it depends on what your boss says.

“Some people think decals are unprofessional; others think they’re a great way to express your personality,” says Ghostbed co-founder and CEO Mark Werner.

Werner adds, “If your company culture has strict guidelines, putting stickers on laptops may not represent your organization’s image best, so it may be unprofessional.”

If you work in an office where formal attire is required, there may be better ideas than stickers on your laptop. In such a work environment, you may face disciplinary action or be asked to terminate your employment.

They care about how they look to their customers and may find the sticker immature, but they may not care or be unaware of it.

As a freelancer, I have no problem with stickers on my laptop. The appearance of my laptop is pleasing to the client, and I don’t mind removing the sticker if needed.

Why do laptops have stickers, and are they Unprofessional in the Workplace?

People apply stickers to express their uniqueness or to make their items look more attractive. Putting a sticker on your laptop or personalizing something accurately describes your mindset and state of mind, not just your personality.

Some people may think putting decals and stickers on your laptop is cool, but do you know if they need to be better?

Remember a few essential things before you do anything, especially before you personalize your device with stickers. Laptop users wear stickers because they are an extension of themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but you should consider the environment in which you do these things.

Stickers can include anything from brand logos, statements or names, tattoos, and more. Everything says something different about you.

The second question is whether stickers are unprofessional at work. Again, it depends on the environment, the people around you, the type of sticker, and where it is applied. In short, there are many things to consider. Let’s take a closer look!

1. What are your ideas for laptop stickers?

As we have already mentioned, considering whether a decal or sticker is unprofessional on your laptop depends on a few critical factors before sticking a sticker on your computer.

It won’t bother you or anyone else, so do your research and read on.

2. Company Policy

It sounds weird, but some companies have policies that don’t put stickers on them, even if they don’t fall into an obvious category.

These rules are in place because companies want to maintain a professional image, especially when employees are in customer-facing roles. Covering an employee’s laptop with stickers has immediate repercussions for employers.

But plenty of business tycoons, business owners, and designers are adding a personal touch to their laptops. He’s all for putting stickers on his employees’ laptops. This is common in creative roles and more progressive work environments such as startups, marketing, and technology.

Set up Your Workspace Environment.

Many stickers on a laptop cover in a office

Well, this is the first factor to consider. You should look around and see if other people have stickers on their laptops and know how you feel.

It would help to analyze where the stickers will be applied and how you will decorate your laptop. Not only that, but the type of stickers and decorations is also essential.

How the sticker is applied depends on the environment and must be adapted accordingly. For example, if you go to school, you can use stickers, but if you work in a professional environment, it is recommended that you use them with others.

In order to do that, we need to know them, keep observing them, and based on our observations, we will be able to choose the most suitable one for ourselves.

Additionally, care should be taken to avoid sensitive topics such as politics, and stamps can be posted according to the nature and interests of colleagues. Make sure your laptop is free of offensive content or characters.

1. Work Laptops Vs Personal Laptops

Whether you apply or use decals or stickers on your laptop depends on whether you have a laptop or a work laptop.

As you can see, companies already provide laptops for their employees, especially technicians. It obviously doesn’t make sense to use tabs on a company-issued laptop. It’s completely unprofessional.

Personalizing a personal laptop is acceptable but should be avoided when it comes to work or business laptops.

Additionally, technology and machine companies may disallow the use of personal laptops due to privacy and data concerns.

In this case, I would say it’s okay to personalize the laptop as it’s non-professional because it can be used outside of work.

2. Intern Employee vs. Full-time Employee

Generally, company rules and policies regarding interns are lax and not rigid. In other words, an intern who has a laptop and articulates his interests and ideas is not considered “unprofessional”.

On the other hand, full-time employees are expected to be more realistic and rational, much like adults are expected to behave in front of children.

Most top executives tend to express disdain for glitzy laptops. Especially when you put them all over the place, it creates a messy atmosphere and says a lot about the owner himself.

In this case, managers may be hesitant to assign you important tasks. So if you buy stickers, make sure they are limited.

For interviews, it’s best to leave your laptop at home. Stickers and decals can look childish. I wonder if the sticker on your laptop will make the interviewer look unprofessional.

Employers may be reluctant to hire you, especially if the sticker on your laptop is explicit or contradicts their views.

What are the best and worst placements for stickers?

Stickers on a MAC laptop and a girl behind

This is the main problem. Assuming your environment or company allows you to use stickers and decals on your laptop, how do you decide the best place to apply them?

You need to know the best and worst places to put your stickers and decals. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Best Placement

The best place to put the tabs is either on the top cover or the back of the laptop (opposite the screen).

Naturally, the sticker should be durable and only apply to hard, thick surfaces. Also, part of the screen and other components of the device should be covered.

You have another option if you don’t want to be number one. We always recommend choosing a flat surface to apply the sticker to your laptop. The best places to apply stickers or decals are the bottom of your device’s keyboard or the side of your mouse.

You may have seen branded stickers on laptops, but they are easy to remove if you use good stickers.

Also, some laptop users want to keep their personal decals private. In that case, you can choose the inner face. This is your best choice.

Believe me, the worst position can make you look unprofessional or immature, so it’s not the end. Keep reading!

2. Worst Placement

If you don’t want to look unprofessional, avoid putting stickers on bumpy laptops or covering important areas like the screen, keyboard, or built-in mouse.

Care should be taken not to cover vents or other open areas.

If you use your laptop too much or your device is too old, your laptop can get hot, but some people have found that if the ventilation system works properly, it will automatically cool the device. I think.

Second, GPUs, processors, and memory cards heat up quickly, so you need to keep the areas that need to be open.

What materials do you use?

Materials using in a sticker for laptops

It’s important to know what material you’re using because you need to understand if the stickers on your laptop are good or bad. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Stickers Material

The market sells stickers made of plastic, paper, or vinyl. You will need a wax paper liner to protect the other side for the sticker to be sticky.

It stays there until you use it or apply a little pressure to move it to the desired position. However, in modern times, stickers have evolved with the times.

Some people like to scrapbook and keep up to date with the stickers used there. Again, they used to be made of standard thin plastic, but now you can find them in 3D, acrylic, fabric, epoxy, or something fluffy but shiny. Like a regular sticker, it has an adhesive backing.

2. Laptop Material

We all know that a laptop is a portable personal computer that can be opened and folded. Also, laptops are made of materials such as aluminum, steel, and other metals.

However, you may notice that some older models have plastic cases, making the body of the case durable and lightweight.

When and where is it not appropriate to put stickers on your laptop?

When and where is it not appropriate to put stickers on your laptop

The simpler the laptop, the more elegant it is, so keeping it clean is essential. You may also sell or borrow the device from someone else, so the laptop should be clean and free of stickers or decals.

A dirty or dirty laptop can affect its value or require repair.

And while you should avoid offensive behavior when using your device in public, there’s nothing worse than expressing yourself.

I know some people put stickers on to get attention, but I must act according to the situation.

When and where is an excellent time to put stickers on my laptop?

This is one of the crucial things to consider. It may seem new or even strange, but the timing of applying stickers depends on the situation.

Keeping your laptop safe is also important no matter what type of adhesive you use, so it’s essential to get it right so it doesn’t damage or damage your device.

Laptops are expensive and have brand names and stickers, so you need to be careful with the stickers.

In fact, some users influence their appearance simply by applying a decal or sticker on their brand logo. As mentioned above, the categories of stickers on your laptop reflect your personality.

Moreover, other people can easily guess who you are from the stickers you collect.

Of course, people use stamps related to their interests and relationships. This is how they are identified in the crowd, and the laptops they adorn reveal their personalities.

In conclusion, we recommend using stickers and decals to avoid appearing unprofessional or immature in front of others, especially at work.

Is it better to use paper Stickers or plastic Stickers?

If you ask about paper stickers, they contain more substance on the bottom of the sticker than on the surface.

When you put these stickers on your laptop, they stick and actually leave behind nasty particles when you try to remove them. Even if you’re still cleaning up the dirt, you should look for tools that will scratch your fingernails and definitely scratch the surface.

Have you ever tried to peel off a cheap item or a price tag and have been left with slime? In short, paper stickers are unsafe and not compatible with laptops, so don’t use them.

Now, if we’re talking about plastic or vinyl stickers, they’re not only glossy but also durable, making them perfect for laptop surfaces. If you use a plastic or vinyl sticker, you can apply it without worrying about the safety of your device.

You also know that not all stickers are made for laptops, as the stickers used in scrapbooking are entirely different. You can also buy bumpers and branded stickers as they are very safe.

The next factor with stickers is how to safely remove them from the surface of your laptop without looking messy. Let’s dive into the details!

Are plastics, metals, and adhesives safe and compatible with my laptop?

Of course, you can choose how to decorate your laptop or keep it simple and elegant. However, if you want to customize your laptop with a sticker or decal, ensure it’s safe for your laptop.

Are Decals or Stickers on a Laptop Unprofessional

Because, in some cases, you can over-decorate your laptop with inappropriate stickers and other things that actually make it look messy and unprofessional. In addition to unique ideas for decorating your device, you should also ensure laptop protection and compatibility.

Let’s take a closer look!

First, it depends on the device’s material and, secondly, the sticker you are using. This varies by sticker and laptop.

Let’s say you have a generic laptop with a lightweight plastic case on which you can put some basic stickers.

Also, different types of stickers have various qualities. For example, some stickers use industrial-strength adhesives such as epoxies or gorilla glue.

These stickers are easy to apply to glass, steel, and wood. Another feature that these stickers offer is durability; they are strong enough.

At least laptops would be better off without these stickers. Otherwise, it will get in the way every time you peel it off.

How to properly remove the sticker from your laptop?

Sometimes you just put a sticker on your laptop case, but after a while, you decide it’s ugly or want to replace it, and you feel the need to remove the sticker.

Do not equate stickers with tattoos. Paper stickers are recommended as they are easier to remove.

If you’re using paper decals, choose a product called Goo Gone that breaks down the stubborn adhesive on your decals and makes them easier to remove.

However, this method is more complicated and is not recommended. Also, some stickers are hard and require tools or nails to remove, which may damage the finish.

The best way to remove sticky stickers or decals is for him to remove one at a time and remove any residue. Then wipe off the residue with isopropyl alcohol. Do not use oil or petroleum products on your laptop, as they may damage it.

Also, as a point of caution, it is easy to peel off the sticker and should be placed in an appropriate position so it does not get in the way.

FAQs on Are Decals or Stickers on a Laptop Unprofessional

Not a professional to apply decals and stickers to your laptop? Find answers and ideas here. Makes the right impression in any environment. Explore now!

  1. Can I put stickers on my MacBook?

    Adding stickers is also possible on a Mac, but there are a few more convenient ways to do it. It would be best if you didn’t put stickers directly on your MacBook, as they tend to mark and look awful. Clean it after peeling off, but the discoloration remains.

  2. Would a laptop look better without stickers?

    If you plan to sell your laptop, potential buyers will decide it would be better without the sticker. This removes the perception of you and makes the buyer feel as if the laptop is theirs.

    Or your decals may become larger or not look as good as they used to. In this case, the laptop looks better without the sticker.

  3. Which stickers are safe to use on laptops?

    There are many types of stickers on the market, but you should choose stickers that are safe and compatible with your device. Paper and plastic stickers.

    We recommend purchasing plastic stickers as they leave no unpleasant particles when removed and are safe. Some people use scrapbooking stickers on their laptops, but this is unacceptable.

  4. Can I put a sticker on my laptop?

    Yes, the stickers are durable and can be used on laptops. It can also be used for other items as well. It should be placed on a smooth surface so that it stays there properly.

    The decals are easy to apply and remove, so don’t worry if you’re worried about removing them.

  5. Can you exchange a Mac with stickers on it?

    No, believe me. That’s a bad idea. Apart from the performance and quality of components, it is also essential that the laptop is clean. Otherwise, the value will go down.

    If you’re replacing your MacBook, you’ll need to remove all stickers on the device and clean any sticker residue before you replace it.

  6. Should I remove the sticker from my laptop?

    If you’re leaving the company or buying a new work laptop, removing the sticker is a good idea. Adams has addressed this issue before.

    As an IT professional who has worked with hundreds of thousands of machines over the years, would it be a waste to spend extra time cleaning stickers on returned/recycled equipment? Absolutely. “

    It’s best to avoid stickers with offensive or political content. You may have more enemies than friends. Also, some stickers are less professional than others.

  7. How do I apply the sticker without damaging my laptop?

    You should choose a surface or location that will not damage your laptop. Applying the sticker to the top or back of the case will effectively stick it there.

    The stickers won’t interfere with your keyboard, screen, or other functionality.

  8. Why do people put stickers on their laptops?

    People use stickers on their laptops for various purposes. Some users decorate their laptops for a unique look rather than a simple, traditional look.

    Stickers and decals reflect each person’s personality as they apply or choose stickers that are relevant to them to personalize their device.

  9. Can I remove the Intel sticker from my laptop?

    Nothing prevents you from removing the Intel label from your laptop, but you may want to keep it along with other labels that identify your laptop’s hardware.

    If your IT staff knew your laptop’s specs, it might be easier to troubleshoot technical issues. For example, Intel’s label states which processor it uses.

    This saves time on both sides. Therefore, we recommend keeping it unless you have a compelling reason to delete it.

    Even if you remove the Intel label, you can still see what processor your laptop is using by going to Settings → System → About. It’s listed in Device Specifications.

  10. Will the sticker damage my laptop?

    Generally not. “Devices are often made of scratch- and stain-resistant materials unless they are coated with substances that have similar properties,” says Adams.

    However, be careful, especially when removing large stickers, as too much force can damage the backing. Finally, don’t put stickers on your vents. Your laptop may be overheating.

Verdict on Are Decals or Stickers on a Laptop Unprofessional

Being a “professional” doesn’t mean you have to give up your individuality. Ultimately, I want to present and act like a professional while gaining skills and knowledge on the job.

Professionalism is just a shared perception between you and the company. This often means following certain policies, such as dress codes and how to treat customers.

When it comes to expressing your personality through laptop skins, many companies generally don’t care. In fact, in this day and age, managers and businesses are more forward-thinking and open-minded, so they don’t care if you have a sticker of him or two on your laptop.

If you bring your laptop to the meeting, it won’t sound like noise or distract people, so you’ll be fine.

That said, unless the device is personal and your company has a policy against personalizing it, it’s perfectly fine to put stickers and decals on your laptop. As long as the sticker isn’t sharp, NSFW, or otherwise potentially detrimental to your company’s image.

However, consider an opaque hardcover if you don’t feel comfortable putting stickers on your laptop and think it might not be suitable for a professional work environment.

With this feature, you can easily hide stickers on your device. Specially designed for laptops. This allows you to switch to pro mode if needed without removing your favorite stickers from your laptop.

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