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Does Adding More RAM Make Your laptop Faster?

Does Adding More RAM Make Your laptop Faster?

Do you want to know if adding more RAM to your laptop would make it faster? To address your question, we have explored it in depth.

We utilize laptops daily for a variety of purposes. There are laptops in virtually all banks, police stations, and ticket offices.

In addition, we use it for both personal and professional purposes. Therefore, having a fast laptop can not only expedite your job but also save you a great deal of time.

A few years ago, the use of laptops was quite limited and the procedure was extremely sluggish. However, laptops are now so powerful that they can perform all human duties.

To make a laptop faster, several factors must be taken into account. You require a quick CPU and GPU with a robust cooling system.

In addition, your laptop must have sufficient RAM to run all apps and essential functions. In this post, we will investigate whether or not adding more RAM makes your laptop faster.

What exactly is RAM?

What exactly is RAM

RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is one of the most essential laptop components.

It is a module of extremely quick memory used by laptops for temporary data storage. Your laptop actively uses it to continue running all applications and programs.

RAM essentially enables your laptop to load software, games, and whatever else you want to do. RAM may be compared to HDDs and SSDs since they all store data.

Unlike HDD or SSD, data saved in RAM is deleted when the machine is turned down. But RAM provides substantial speed and enables efficient app loading and switching.

Therefore, the more apps you wish to run concurrently, the more RAM you will require on your laptop.

What is the RAM needed for your laptop?

What is the RAM needed for your laptop

The amount of RAM your laptop requires depends on its use. If you wish to perform intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing, you will need additional RAM.

Alternatively, if you only use the laptop for internet browsing and social media, it won’t require much capacity, and 4GB RAM will be sufficient for everyday use.

Nowadays, nearly every laptop includes at least 4GB of RAM, which is sufficient for all typical workloads.


In the meantime, the minimum suggested RAM size in 2024 is 8GB. It is plenty and sufficient for multitasking.

Nevertheless, if you are a video editor or a coder, you may require more. In this instance, it would be desirable for the laptop to have 16GB or more RAM.

Thus, it depends on the context. You must determine how much RAM will be required. Choose carefully before purchasing a laptop.

How to Examine RAM on a Laptop

There are several techniques to determine the amount of RAM on your laptop. Therefore, if you do not know the RAM amount of your machine, follow the steps below:

⦁ Turn on your laptop and wait for it to fully boot as usual.
⦁ After booting, right-clicking the Windows button in the lower-left corner will display a menu.
⦁ Clicking on the System option from this menu will reveal the About page. Now you can view all relevant information, including the RAM size.
⦁ Additionally, you may search Settings in the Windows search box to get the Settings menu. Thereafter, click System Options.
⦁ Next, on the left-hand panel, scroll down a little and choose the About option. Now it will also display the RAM capacity.

There is another method to determine the amount of onboard RAM on your machine. Given that-

Input System Information into the Windows search bar and then choose this result.

Click on the System Summary in the upper-left corner of the window, then locate the Installed Physical Memory section on the right-hand panel.
Now it will reveal the total RAM capacity of your PC.

Considerations Before Adding RAM

Open the task manager on your laptop to determine the RAM’s real utilization before adding additional RAM.

When the RAM has reached its maximum capacity, it is time to add extra RAM. In addition, if your laptop is still utilizing 4GB of RAM, it is time to add extra RAM to that machine for optimal multitasking performance.

In addition, it is essential to verify the RAM size required by the software. Several games and applications demand a specific amount of RAM for optimal performance.

Also, verify this before adding extra RAM. Moreover, there are a few additional factors to consider before purchasing additional RAM for your laptop:

Does Adding More RAM Make Your laptop Faster?

RAM Technology

It is essential to determine which technologies your laptop supports. The newest generation of DDR5 RAM is currently available on the market.

These RAMs are available, but only the most recent devices support them. If your device lacks support, you cannot utilize it.

Even if it is successful, you will receive no practical reward. Although the majority of available PCs support DDR4 RAMs.

Therefore, you must purchase DDR4 memory sticks for your PC. However, if your laptop is significantly older, you must determine whether it supports DDR, DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4 RAM. Accordingly, RAM must be added to the machine.

Capacity of RAM

Additionally, you must verify the maximum RAM capacity supported by your machine. Every machine has a maximum capacity, which it cannot exceed.

Most low-end PCs have a 16GB storage limit, however, high-end machines provide more than 32GB or 64 GB. To determine the maximum capacity, see the handbook.

There should be an indication of the maximum capacity supported by your machine.

Install RAM in paired configurations

It is advised that the RAM capacity be divided into pairs. If your laptop has two memory slots, you should utilize two memory sticks.

Similarly, it should be in four pairs if your machine has four slots. Using dual-channel technology, your machine will achieve its full performance in this manner.

In addition, the replacement RAM module must possess the same specs as the previous module. Combining two distinct modules may result in instability.

Therefore, it is preferable to have pairs. You can also remove the existing module and replace it with two identical replacements.

FAQs on Does Adding More RAM Make Your Laptop Faster

What exactly is RAM and how does it function?

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is the short-term memory that keeps all the essential system data until the laptop is shut down. Additionally, it is accountable for multitasking performance.

What is the recommended RAM size in 2024?

In 2024, it is optimal to have 32GB of RAM for a seamless multitasking experience. However, this relies on the laptop programs you employ.

How do you determine if RAM can be upgraded?

This is an essential inquiry for laptop users. The majority of laptops include two memory slots.

However, many laptops come with RAM that is integrated or non-upgradable. Open ‘Task Manager,’ navigate to the ‘Performance’ page, and click on the ‘Memory’ section to check.

Check to see whether it displays two slots; if it does, you’re fine to go. Additionally, the rear cover may be opened to see whether the RAM can be increased.

Conclusion of Does Adding More RAM Make Your Laptop Faster

No one desires to use a sluggish laptop. If your laptop is operating slowly, the issue may be a result of insufficient RAM.

Simply adding additional RAM to the machine will cure this issue. Adding extra RAM does not guarantee that your laptop’s performance will rise significantly.

However, it will handle multitasking with ease, resulting in a faster and more seamless experience.

Adding extra RAM may not be a simple undertaking for everyone because the procedure varies.

In this post, we explain how to increase RAM on your laptop by yourself, as well as the probable repercussions of adding RAM.

In addition, you might seek expert assistance to add extra RAM to your laptop. We hope you enjoyed our post and found it useful.

You may also leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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