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How Much RAM Do I Need For Gaming?

How Much RAM do I Need For Gaming

Planning to buy a 16GB RAM gaming PC or laptop, but are you not sure if it’s enough? We are here to assist with how much RAM I need for gaming.

With several options and settings to select from, it is hard to choose the finest RAM for gaming.

This detailed guide will allow you to find the correct quantity of RAM for your laptop accordingly.

So, let’s just plunge in.

Is it good for gaming with 16GB of RAM?

Is it good for gaming with 16GB of RAM

Briefly, yes, 16GB of RAM is plenty for MOST games.

For example, consider GTA V: it requires around 16GB of RAM to run full graphics and you have 1GB for all foreground operations.

If you down the visuals, the game will only need 8GB of RAM. As the computer now processes less data, RAM consumption has fallen. You may now play games without having to worry about restricting background processes.

Overall, though, the graphic quality might be slightly offset in a 16GB arrangement.

Even recent AAA games like Horizon Forbidden West, Dying Light 2, DOOM Eternal, and so on demand a minimum of 16 GB RAM.

That said if you’re serious — a high-end gaming experience without reducing settings – then I’d advise 32GB. Again, though, you can still get away with 16GB of RAM.

How does RAM matter to gaming?

How does RAM matter to gaming

For gaming, PC RAM is necessary to operate a game smoothly and data responsible for generating textures and objects must be sent to the CPU rapidly. SSDs or HDDs just don’t have the read and write speeds to meet that need.

Here’s where RAM is playing. Although the full game is saved on the SSD or HDD, the section that has to be processed immediately moves to the RAM for the CPU to access it easily.

If your computer is low on RAM, your processors do not receive the data they require to produce lagging performance and abrupt frame dips.

Is 16GB DDR4 RAM sufficient for the game?

Is 16GB DDR4 RAM sufficient for the game

In order to answer that, we need to understand what DDR is and how it impacts the performance of your computer.

The DDR is the Double Data Rate. DDR is an improvement to the technology we know as SDRAM (Single Data Rate). DDR provides significantly higher performance at the same voltages than its predecessor.

RAM’s base operational frequency doubles with each successive DDR generation, conserving electricity and delivering quicker performance.

You will gain a lot more computing power and speed if you conduct extensive synthetic computing tasks, such as data science, 3D modeling, rendering, and switching on a DDR4 machine.

However, 16GB DDR4 RAM is still significant for gamers and has the capacity to run all contemporary games.

This said you will require 64GB or 128GB of RAM to run a server on your PC based on DDR4. In this situation, you must convert to a DDR5 system because DDR4 allows only up to 32GB of storage on a RAM stick.

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16GB vs 32GB DDR5 RAM

We know RAM plays an important part in operating a game, but does it mean quicker gameplay? Not really.

If you play a game with only 8GB, 16GB or 32GB won’t increase the gameplay since it gets the energy that you need. However, this does not mean that an 8GB RAM machine can perform a game that needs the same amount of RAM.

There are several background programs accompanying the game that require RAM to work. If you wish to use the highest configuration in some of the recent games, your RAM may be running out and your computer may slow.

This is why together with most experts we consider 32GB of RAM a sweet spot for computers for the production of games or games. It makes your PC futureproof and runs your games smoothly with enough breathing space for background operations.

There are also choices for 32GB or 64GB, but mainly for highly competing games. If you’re a regular gamer, the usual 16GB of RAM is plenty.

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How can you know how much RAM you have?

This is how easily you can verify the amount of RAM you have:

Find the ‘My Computer’ icon (‘This PC’ for Windows 10) on your desktop.

Right-click the ‘Properties’ option to choose.

There you will discover the RAM MBs/GBs accessible.

How much RAM do I want?

Your case specifies the amount of RAM you require. Various users need different RAM capabilities from 8GB to 128GB (or beyond).

So let’s explore some of the most frequent ways individuals utilize their computers:

Regularly used

Even nowadays, 8GB RAM is sufficient for a PC if you don’t play. Say, if you simply use your computer to light browse, view movies, and take notes, then 8GB of RAM is enough.

For the game

As said before, 16GB of RAM is adequate to play, but if you have a 16GB frame dip, it is recommended to convert to a 32GB frame.

For high-quality applications

We recommend a minimum of 32GB of RAM depending on the individual high-end apps. But that also depends on the usage case: 32GB of RAM could be plenty for a skilled video editor, but 128GB might even remain short for virtual machine simulation.

Here is a table you may use to easily monitor how much RAM you also have to use for gaming and non-gaming:

Active 16GBRegular Use 8GB
Competitive 32GB or AboveActive (Professional) Use 16GB

3 factors to take into account while buying RAM

Consider these qualitative criteria before buying a new RAM other than your use case.

  1. Compliance with the RAM specifications

Make sure your new RAM is compatible with your machine for maximum performance. It might be obvious, but this is overlooked by many. One effective approach to discover what type of RAM you can use is to visit the Crucial website on this page.

  1. Frequency

You need to check the RAM speed, AKA, the frequency of the RAM. Higher frequencies are higher performance. The secret is to buy your motherboard’s highest RAM frequency.

3. Latency

Latency refers to the time delay between two tasks. RAMs with shorter latencies often perform better. All latencies below CAS16 are regarded to be optimum.

Not too much importance is placed on RAM.

If we say “RAM is not very crucial,” we imply that the hardware that impacts gaming performance is considerably more important than the RAM.

If just 8 out of 32GB RAM configurations are used in a game, then the rest are idle.

Blindly adding additional RAM does not enhance overall game performance after a certain level. If you spend more money on a GPU and receive only the RAM you need, the experience will be greatly improved.

Options for game performance improvement without RAM

Of course, on the market, you can’t always get the best, most costly equipment. If budget or availability compels you to buy a new PC with less RAM than you’d like, you can still do something to enhance gaming performance:

Try finding a system to extend your RAM later – either by adding a RAM card or attaching it to an empty space on your motherboard or by placing a larger card in the sole/primary slot.

This offers some “future-proofing” but does not force you to pay the whole expenditure.

Take measures to limit the use of your available RAM by other programs. Closing active apps and browser windows, deleting programs from the Start menu and other easy measures may release little RAM increases, to be used by your system instead.

FAQs on how much RAM I need for gaming?

Let’s look quickly at the most often requested and common RAM questions.

Is 16GB of DDR5 RAM sufficient for gaming?

Yes, 16GB DDR5 RAM is sufficient to play most contemporary games. But if you have delays and framework drops, some settings or upgrades should be reduced to 32GB.

Why is RAM important for gaming?

RAM is critical to a gaming PC as it holds all of the vital data the CPU needs to access immediately. But at a certain point (32GB presently), increasing RAM does not help gameplay in most circumstances.

What are certain RAM-intensive games?

The latest AAA titles are usually the most RAM-intensive games. To name a few Assassin’s credits: Valhalla, Control, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Metro Exodus, Cyberpunk 2077, and so on, all have a minimum of 16GB RAM needed.

Is RAM 16GB sufficient for 4K gaming?

Yes, the RAM of 16GB is sufficient for 4K gaming. The game resolution has little or no effect on RAM. It depends largely on quicker CPUs and better graphics cards.

Conclusion on how much RAM do I need for gaming?

Do you see how subjective the RAM you require is, AKA relies on your case? 32GB of RAM is ideal for most gamers.

You may therefore assign 16GB to the game, and 16GB to other activities. Remember that a configuration beyond 32GB is not advised unless your profession demands you to have it. If you also desire an improved gaming experience, it is advised that you invest in a more efficient GPU.

Have we not covered anything? In the comments below, let us know—we love to discuss tech!

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