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9 Best Laptops for T Shirt Design in May 2024 [Expert Recommended]

Best Laptops for T-shirt Design

If you are in a hurry, You can pick our expert’s best choice the Apple MacBook Pro.

In this article, we have enlisted the best laptops for T Shirt design for 2024 that will be able to fuel your endeavors without breaking into a sweat.

If you want to design T Shirts for artistic purposes or your business, you must consider getting a top-quality laptop to help you do your work effectively and efficiently.

Getting the best laptops for T-Shirt design will assist you in executing your T Shirt design work in the best professional way, and if you sit tight and continue reading this article. You will be able to see how to get the Best Laptops for T Shirt designs through the help of our experts, and they are also available to guide you to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on something that does not worth it.

Almost all of the laptops on this list are super affordable, making it simple for all users to get at a budget-friendly price. These affordable laptops provide maximum performance, and they have a high-quality processor, a large amount of memory, and a high-quality display. Each of these features makes it more enjoyable for the user to do their job effectively.

To design T-shirts, you will need technical skills to use the graphic designing application, and as a graphic or T-shirt designer, you must ensure that you purchase a laptop that supports different software so that you can design T-shirts professionally with ease. The use of the proper tools and software would significantly contribute to the success of your work.

Also, a high-priced laptop does not guarantee that you have made the right purchase. What matters is how thoroughly you conduct your research to find the ideal laptop that meets your requirements.

We spent a few days reviewing a vast array of laptops and thoroughly researching their specifications and configurations. The list we’ve come up with features the ones that really stood out to me in terms of performance, durability, speed, and battery backup.

Let’s jump straight into it.

01. Best Versatile Laptop: Lenovo Legion Pro 5i

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i 16" LCD...
  • Anti-reflective Coating: Yes
  • Release Month: February
  • Release Year: 2023
  • Processor Manufacturer: Intel

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i is one of the few laptops that can deliver desktop-grade performance for T-shirt designers.

The laptop is built with the strong latest 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700HX chipset with Hyper-Threading technology at the heart of the system, and despite the 16-core, the turbo clock speeds up to 5.0GHz and performs almost every graphic design job with ease. The Legion Pro 5’s Hyper-Threading support is a perfect choice for multi-core rendering and gaming activities.

The new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 GPU features the Turing Architecture and 8GB GDDR6 video RAM. The current graphics processing conglomerate is capable of controlling and encoding most of the most complex 2D and 3D designs with ease.

Lenovo concentrates on multitasking and multiple workflows, and it includes 16GB DDR5 of RAM for a lag-free experience. When it comes to storage the 512GB PCIe SSD works flawlessly. While the SSD ensures that the Windows 11 operating system, games, and complex application programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator load faster than normal, the 512GB PCIe SSD provides enough storage for files, workflows, projects, and other large entities.

Lenovo Legion Pro 5i comes with a 16-inch wide-angle screen with a 2560×1600 pixel resolution. Furthermore, Lenovo protects your eyes with an anti-glare panel, and the LED-backlit technology on offer is super effective.

41vM+QyH16L. AC

Lenovo added a durable keyboard with backlit support, a responsive trackpad, a decent webcam, Harman speakers for a great music listening experience courtesy of Dolby Atoms technology, and professional mic-headphone combo features to enhance the laptop’s productivity and even more.

When it comes to weight, the device weighs 9.23 pounds. The port layout is straightforward with the Legion Pro 5i accommodating USB 3.1, HDMI, Type-C, Mini Display Port, and a few other wired and wireless networking slots and standards. On moderate to heavy use, the current 57wh battery would last for about a 5-hour.

The Lenovo Legion Pro 5i is a top-leading device, characterized by its large storage and a significant amount of RAM to prevent the device from slowing down.


  • The processor is fast.
  • It has 16GB of RAM.
  • Module with two storage capacities.
  • Wi-Fi dual-band support.
  • Good keyboard.


  • Thunderbolt 3 port is not supported.
  • No fingerprint reader

2. Best Multi-Purpose Laptop: Acer Predator Helios 16

Acer Predator Helios 16 Gaming...
  • Do What You Do With Superior Performance: The 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700HX processor goes beyond performance to let your PC do even more at once....
  • Beyond Fast: Feel the power emanating from within the neon-hued shell of the Helios 16. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Laptop GPU is beyond fast for...
  • Trust Your Eyes: At 16 inches with a 16:10 aspect ratio, the pristine WQXGA LED panel clocks in with a fast 165Hz refresh and 3ms Overdrive response...
  • Start Your Engines: This Predator Helios 16 laptop will take your game library, place it in front of you, and dare you to give it a challenge. Not...

If you’re searching for the most reliable laptop for T-shirt design, the Acer Predator Helios 16 is one of the best to get to do your work without lagging.

And due to its outstanding specifications, it gains more popularity among T-shirt designers. It has a powerful 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700HX processor, which makes it simple for the user to complete their tasks and save time when working on a complex task

It has a large storage capacity of 1TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD, allowing the user to easily store their data. This laptop is also an excellent choice for running multiple programs at a time without a glitch, which makes the majority of the users, enjoy using it for business purposes.

Another essential aspect of this laptop is the high-quality display, which allows the user to see the images on the screen and function more efficiently. All of this is due to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card.

You get 16GB DDR5 (Up to 4800 MHz) RAM with an extra slot to add another RAM up to 32GB.

715bLQG9N0L. AC SL1500

This laptop’s battery life is very strong, lasting up to seven hours on a single charge. It will allow you to complete your tasks without having to worry about running out of battery power. The battery charges in minutes as well.

This Acer Predator Helios 16 laptop offers its users a full HD display and has the perfect viewing angles, and it is lightweight and convenient for the user to take it with them anywhere they are going or when traveling.

It also includes an HD webcam, allowing users to do their video calls and online meetings with the best camera quality. It also includes a fingerprint reader, which adds an extra layer of security to your data on the laptop. Since only you can have access to your laptop, it is an excellent option for business users.

This Acer Predator Helios 16 laptop also has a smooth touchpad, which makes it easier to do your job. All of these features combine to make this laptop an excellent option for users, and it will greatly assist you in performing your duties more professionally.


  • This laptop ensures high-quality performance.
  • It has good battery life.
  • It is equipped with a fast and effective processor.
  • It has a full HD display.


  • It does not have many ports.

3. Best Affordable Laptop: ASUS TUF Dash 15

ASUS TUF Dash F15 Gaming...
  • 【Processor】Equipped with 12th Generation Intel Core i7-12650H, 2.3GHz (Up to Turbo Boost 4.7GHz, 10 cores, 16 threads). Seize the pure performance...
  • 【15.6 Inch FHD Display】 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB GDDR6 with ROG Boost at 80W (105W with Dynamic Boost 2.0) for an ultrafast GPU to fuel your...
  • 【Upgraded】 Up to 64GB RAM is designed for basic tasks, the high-bandwith DDR5 RAM run your applications smoothly, as well as multiple programs and...
  • 【Connectivity 】 Equippted with a dedicated USB Type-C with Thunderbolt 4 support, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports,...

The ASUS TUF Dash 15 is a good option for T-shirt designers searching for the best quality touchscreen laptop to purchase for personal or business use. This laptop provides its users with powerful output, making it much easier for them to complete their graphic design work.

One of the most vital characteristics of this ASUS laptop is its powerful Intel Core i7-12650H processor with 64-bit architecture and 32GB of blisteringly fast 4800MHz DDR5 RAM. It also has a 2TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD storage that allows the user their save their data without difficulty. When you use this laptop, you can rarely run out of storage space.

It is much easier for you to complete your job with the help of a glossy IPS touchscreen that offers its users the best viewing angles.

The best overall feature of the ASUS TUF Dash 15 laptop is the battery life, which lasts for a day on a full charge. The battery life hours we got in the lab, were very impressive, and this eliminates the need to be concerned about running out of battery power, even though you leave the laptop’s charger at home.

The laptop’s touchpad functions smoothly, and it is located in the center of the keyboard deck. It has a 15.6″-inch 144Hz screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

It also has built-in speakers that produce high-quality sound, which is ideal for listening to music or watching movies.

Since this ASUS TUF Dash 15 laptop is a hybrid computer, it is highly recommended to get a copy of this powerful device.


  • This laptop has a responsive touchpad.
  • It has a high-quality touchscreen.
  • This laptop is a hybrid computer.
  • It can also act as a tablet.
  • The battery lasts a long.


  • It is a costly laptop.

4. Best Aesthetic Laptop: HP OMEN

HP OMEN 17.3" Gaming Laptop -...
  • 💻【16GB DDR5 4800Mhz Memory, 1TB PCIe SSD】: Bundled with HDMI.
  • 💻12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H (14-Core) Processor. 3.50 GHz, up to 4.70 GHz Max Boost, 14 Cores(6 Performance-cores,8 Efficient-cores), 20...
  • 💻NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Graphics, 8GB(150W), MUX switch hot-swap
  • 💻17.3" IPS Micro-Edge Anti-Glare QHD (2560 x 1440) 400-Nits 165Hz Display

This is the most portable laptop used for T-shirt design. Not only it is simple to use, but it is also very light, making it easier for the user to transport the laptop for work purposes, especially if they must travel frequently. This laptop greatly assists in meeting the requirements of advanced graphic and T-shirt design jobs.

The high-quality performance of this HP OMEN laptop is one of its most noticeable features. It has a 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H processor and a 1TB PCIe SSD storage, which allows the user to store their data without issues, and a 16GB DDR5 4800Mhz RAM. The responsiveness of the laptop is improved to allow the user to perform intensive tasks with ease.

HP OMEN includes an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti Super graphics card, which significantly enhances the user’s ability to do T-shirt design work, video editing, or play their favorite games in the best quality.

It has the best fan cooling system, which helps keep the system cool while operating for long periods, and this is what gives the user error-free and lag-free performance.

This laptop’s keyboard is very smooth and well-spaced, which allows you to type faster and do your work more effectively, and particularly useful for gamers and people who have to prepare documents on a daily routine.

This HP OMEN laptop has an appealing style that meets the user’s aesthetic requirements and includes G-sync technology that ensures a smooth performance for the user. It is important to note that this laptop is heavier than other T-shirt design laptops on the market.


  • This laptop has a comfortable keyboard.
  • It assures excellent performance.
  • It has an attractive style.
  • It has a 1TB PCIe SSD for backup.


  • It is very heavy.
  • It does not have multiple ports.

5. Best Secured Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro 2024

Apple 2023 MacBook Pro Laptop...
  • SUPERCHARGED BY M2 PRO OR M2 MAX — Take on demanding projects with the M2 Pro or M2 Max chip. M2 Pro has 12 CPU cores, 19 GPU cores, and up to 32GB...
  • UP TO 22 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE — Go all day thanks to the power-efficient design of the M2 Pro or M2 Max chip. And the MacBook Pro laptop delivers...
  • FULLY COMPATIBLE — All your pro apps run lightning fast — including Adobe Creative Cloud, Xcode, Affinity Designer, Microsoft 365, and many of...
  • BEAUTIFUL PRO DISPLAY — The 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display features Extreme Dynamic Range, over 1000 nits of brightness for stunning HDR...

The Apple MacBook Pro M2 has been the most professional and commonly used laptop for T-shirt design. This laptop is perfect for people who want to do their work with the best features available. It comes with a high-quality processor that ensures powerful performance.

The Apple MacBook Pro comes with an Apple M2 chip processor, which is ideal for running powerful software without lagging. Also, it has 16 GB of RAM and a high-equity True Tone monitor with a high resolution.

A laptop with a great visual display helps in doing your work effectively without missing any vital information. You will be able to make the requisite changes to your design with ease. It enhances video editing and T-shirt design development.

The Apple MacBook Pro also has 512 GB of storage, which allows you to save data without running out of space. It is one of the most appealing aspects of the Apple MacBook Pro, and that is why many professional graphic designers love to work on it.

The True Town Retina display has a 16.2-inch screen with a resolution that varies between full HD and 4K. This laptop’s style is also really appealing, and its brightness levels are impressive. It supports the P3 color gamut.


  • It produces high-quality results.
  • The display is enticing.
  • It has a True Tone display.
  • This laptop has 512 GB of flash storage.


  • It is a high-priced laptop.

6. Best Performative Laptop: Acer Swift X

Acer Swift X SFX14-41G-R1S6...
  • Aspect Ratio:16:9
  • Ultimate Performance. Uncompromised Battery Life: Speed up tasks with AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor with Zen 3 Core Architecture, available for...
  • RTX, It's On: The latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU (4GB GDDR6 VRAM) is powered by award-winning Ampere architecture with new Ray Tracing...
  • A True Visual Representation: Create your best content on the 14" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Widescreen LED-backlit 100% sRGB display with 300 nits...

As a T-shirt designer on a tight budget, you can put your confidence in the fresh and powerful Acer Swift X. Despite being an under-$1500 laptop, the Swift X is an efficient machine, best known for its graphics-centric processing consortium and other productivity-focused features.

When it comes to laptop processing performance, Acer Swift X opts for the AMD Ryzen 7 5800U CPU, which allows for unrestricted use of Adobe CC software and even 3D modeling tools. The quad-core, graphics-optimized chipset has a turbo clock speed of up to 4.5GHz, which is sufficient for a variety of mid-range designs, typography, logos, and even animations.

The entry-level NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU graphics card provides support for the handheld SoC. The RTX 3050 Ti GPU is nearly 20% faster than the RTX 3050 GPU, and it is more capable of handling multiple GPU-accelerated processes as and when they are initiated by Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and other applications. The 4GB GDDR6 VRAM, when combined with the GPU is capable of handling texture-intensive designs and a variety of entry-level games.

The 16GB LPDDR4X RAM makes a huge difference in graphic or T-shirt design efficiency. The ultrafast chunk of machine memory empowers the mid-range CPU and allows it to process more complex designs at a faster speed. Completed designs, scripts, datasets, and applications are stored in the 512GB NVMe SSD unit. The solid-state drive can also boot up the Windows 11 operating system in a flash while displaying it as a visually stunning interface.

Acer Swift X also has a 14-inch screen, which is a valuable artistic resource thanks to Color Intelligence technology. The 1080p screen has slimmer bezels by IPS technology, which allows for sharper viewing angles. The inclusion of Blue Light Shield technology which is a class-leading and anti-glare property makes it outperform the color-accurate screen.

In terms of quality, the Acer Swift X has backlit keyboard features to assist content creators, and the True Harmony stereo speakers contribute to the acoustic quality.

From a professional view, this sleek laptop of a 3.31-pound device includes an HD webcam, voice-purified speakers, and a wide range of networking options available for the user to use.

The Type-C port, USB 3.1 Gen 1 slot with power-off charging support, HDMI port for pairing external devices, Ethernet slot with Gig speeds, Bluetooth 5.0 standard, and support for all Intel-powered Wi-Fi 6 networking are all included by Acer. In terms of device autonomy, Acer manages to churn out close to 8 hours before needing to charge the device.

Considering all of the specifications mentioned above, the Swift X is one of the great laptops for a mid-level T-shirt designing professional especially given the graphics-optimized, and the low-power processor in use.


  • It has the latest Ryzen 7 processor.
  • Despite the low price, Swift X is an entry-level GPU.
  • Its storage can be upgraded.
  • It has an enthralling display.
  • Wi-Fi 6 compatibility with 22 MU-MIMO.


  • It is not suitable for heavy gamers.
  • It cannot act as a 3D rendering workstation.

7. Best Functional Laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad 5i

Lenovo 2023 Yoga 7 15.6” FHD...
  • [Powerful Performance with 11th Generation Intel Core i7-1165G7] Powerhouse Intel Core i7-1165G7 4-Core (Up to 4.7 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost...
  • [Customization] Seal is opened for Hardware/Software upgrade only to enhance performance. Upgraded to 12GB DDR4 SDRAM 3200 MHz, 1TB PCI-E NVMe Solid...
  • [Display and Graphics] Brilliant 15.6" Touchscreen LED-backlit FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS 500 nits, 100% sRGB, Display HDR 400, AGC Soda-lime Glass, 60Hz,...
  • [Connectivity] Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (2x2) and Bluetooth 5.1, 2 x USB-C Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 40Gbps (Support Data Transfer, Power Delivery and...

The Lenovo IdeaPad 5i is another advanced laptop for T-shirt design on this list, and one of the great features of its high-quality display which makes it easier for the user to complete their tasks.

Also, it has a powerful processor, which will make it much easier for you to use different applications for your T-shirt design work, and it is configured with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor with a Full HD touchscreen display and a 15.6-inch screen size.

It is hard to find a laptop with that kind of large HD display. This laptop also has 16GB DDR4 of RAM and 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD of storage for storing huge data. This laptop is an excellent choice for users because it does not have any storage problems.

This Lenovo IdeaPad 5i weight is 8 lbs making it a very lightweight choice for the user, and it is portable. There are also two USB ports, a VGA port, a Mix port, and an HDMI port. This laptop includes an NVIDIA GeForce MX550 2GB GDDR6 graphics card, which makes it easier to design T-shirts with graphic design apps.

Lenovo IdeaPad 5i also has a long battery life of up to 4 hours, allowing you to complete your tasks without stress. It is also available at a low cost, allowing you to enjoy a high-quality performance on a tight budget.


  • It comes with one terabyte of storage.
  • It is fast and efficient.
  • This laptop has a full HD display.
  • It comes with a high processor.


  • The battery life needs to be upgraded.

8. Best Budget-Friendly Laptop: Dell XPS 15 9520

Dell XPS 15 9520 Business...
  • 12th Generation Intel Alder Lake Tetradeca-Core i7-12700H Processor (Base Clock 2.3GHz, Max Boost Clock Up to 4.7GHz, 14 cores, 20 Threads, 24 MB...
  • 15.6-inch FHD+ (1920 x 1200) Non-Touch, Anti-Glare, IPS, 500nits, 16: 10, 100% Adobe RGB, InfinityEdge display; NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 4GB GDDR6...
  • 2 x Thunderbolt 4 / USB4 40Gbps (support data transfer, Power Delivery 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.4a), USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C (with DisplayPort and Power...
  • Windows 11 Home 64-bit; Long Battery life; Ideal for School Education, Designers, Professionals, Small Business, Programmers, Gaming, Streaming,...

The Dell XPS 15 9520 is the notebook to consider if you have the budget to go for excellent aesthetics with an efficient processing performance.

To begin with, it has a 12th-generation Intel Core i7-12700H processor capable of turbo-clocking up to 4.7GHz. Also, this laptop can easily handle any kind of graphics design task with less stress.

Our experts researched this laptop and put Photoshop CC through its paces by doing innovative work, photo editing with various filters, and other challenging tasks. In terms of benchmarking performance, the XPS 15 9520 outperformed the XPS 15 7590 and the AERO 15.

In the case of extremely challenging graphic design requirements, the CPU offloads some tasks to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 GPU, which has 4GB GDDR6 VRAM. Although the current graphics process is faster than the GTX 1660 Ti, it is sufficient for professional-level design.

However, when compared to some of the more powerful RTX 20-series GPUs (i.e., RTX 2080, 2070, and 2060), the gaming performance was average. 

Dell’s RAM support is estimated to be 32GB DDR5, and it is capable of handling various workloads and multitasking requirements with ease. The 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD unit is faster than a traditional HDD and significantly reduces system boot-up times. The Windows 11 Home Edition OS supports all your favorite graphic or T-shirt design applications.

The brilliant display steals the show, all thanks to the FHD+ resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The edge-to-edge paneling allows screen real estate for the designers to operate with, and it also has excellent color clarity courtesy of its 100 percent aRGB color gamut, HDR technology, VESA certification, and 94 percent DCI-P3 gamut for a better wide-angle viewing experience.

Dell continues to innovate a class-leading backlit keyboard and a sensitive touchpad that is 62% larger than its predecessors. The current set of speakers is insanely strong, and the 3D acoustic experience adds to it. Aside from that, there’s a good webcam and a functional microphone.

The thermal layout, which includes dual fans and stealth heat pipes to increase dissipation is an excellent addition to the laptop, and from a structural standpoint, this is one of the slick ultrabooks on the market.

The device is also portable, weighing nearly 4.22 pounds, and there are three USB Type-C ports, two of which are Thunderbolt 3 compatible. Aside from that, it has other legacy slots, Killer Wi-Fi 6, and a variety of wired and wireless networking options. On a single charge, the battery will last up to 12 hours.

The Dell XPS 15 9520 is one of the better-equipped laptops for T-shirt design thanks to its strong processor and excellent portability. However, you can avoid the only significant bottleneck, which is the price, by purchasing a refurbished Dell XPS 15 9520.

The certified refurbished model is likely the hot cake gadget on our list with 32GB RAM, a touch-support 4K display, a 1TB SSD, a larger battery, and a comparable GPU without the Titanium version.


  • It has a 12th-generation processor.
  • The GPU is reliable for design.
  • The RAM is fast with a memory speed of 4800MHz.
  • Top-notch display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • It is portable and convenient to carry around.


  • It comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports.
  • It is expensive and does not support powerful games.

9. Best All-Rounder Laptop: HP Envy x360 (2-in-1)

HP Newest 13th Generation Envy...
  • 【High Speed RAM And Enormous Space】32GB high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once; 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2...
  • 【Processor】13th Gen Intel Core i7-1355U Processor (10 Cores, 12 Threads, 12MB L3 Smart Cache, Clockspeed at 1.2 GHz, Up to 5.0 GHz at Max Turbo...
  • 【Display】15.6" diagonal, FHD (1920 x 1080), touchscreen, IPS, 250 nits
  • 【Tech Specs】2 x Thunderbolt 4 with USB Type-C, 2 x SuperSpeed USB Type-A, 1 x HDMI 1.4b, 1 x Headphone/Microphone Combo, 1 x SD media Card Reader;...

If you are a T-shirt designer searching for the best convertible that outperforms its competition in terms of portability, the HP Envy x360 is the ideal choice for you.

When it comes to processing performance, the latest and most powerful 13th Gen Intel Core i7-1355U Processor is capable of handling any graphic designing software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and others, with ease.

In addition to excellent single-core performance, the multi-threaded architecture makes it a perfect laptop for CAD modeling and rendering. The current chipset turbo runs at 5.0 GHz and is aided by Intel Iris Xe Graphics.

Furthermore, you can now deal with the 3D prototypes and even consider 4K video editing projects thanks to the current manufacturing conglomerate. In terms of device memory, the 32GB DDR4 RAM is a welcome addition. The ultra-fast 1TB SSD with NVMe support handles storage preferences.

The current hard drive is large enough to boot up the Windows 11 Pro edition OS that came with the unit, and with the help of the Full HD resolution the existing 15.6-inch touch screen is as bright as a laptop display should be.

Aside from a total pixel spread of 1920 x 1080, the HP Envy x360 also has a micro-edge panel shape, toughened Corning Gorilla Glass, and BrightView technology to ensure system reliability.

The inclusion of a smooth and silky touchpad, backlit keyboard, B&O Speakers with Audio Boost support, potent FHD webcam, and an array of powerful microphones makes it easy to surf the internet, attend online meetings, content writing, and many more without stress.

The gem-cut style and a manageable weight of 2.95 pounds contribute to the visual appeal of this powerful machine. Even though it is a convertible, there are no performance compromises because HP has a USB Type-C port with Thunderbolt 3 support, HDMI 2.0, and other handy slots.

Apart from the wireless and wired networking specifications, HP includes a powerful 84wh battery, resulting in a backup of nearly 15 hours despite the Full HD screen.

As a result, the HP Envy x360 is one of the best laptops for T-shirt design, with plenty of power and top-tier system portability.


  • It comes with the 13th Generation Intel Core i7-1355U Chipset.
  • Excellent touch display
  • Sleek and beautiful
  • Long-lasting battery
  • A large amount of RAM
  • It has a cache memory of 12MB for quicker app access.


  • It is pricey

Need to consider the Laptop Requirements for Best Laptops for T-Shirt Design

The minimum and recommended specifications of the laptop are based on the budget, skill sets, levels of experience, and the overall system requirements that the user is looking for in the machine.

And most importantly laptops with just the bare minimum of device specifications will run major graphic design applications effectively.

Graphic design is heavily reliant on a laptop’s computing power. However, processing speed is more important than the number of cores and the overkill GPU. You should also be aware that a moderately powerful device can generate UI designs, art, and illustrations. When it comes to encoding, and rendering efficiency, the speed of the GPU, RAM, and CPU matters.

Each of these devices was used by our experts to develop brand-centric designs, layouts, logos, illustrations, application user interfaces, and other personal and technical graphics using high-demand application programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and others.

FAQs of Best Laptops for T-Shirt Design

Curious about the best laptops for t-shirt design? Explore our FAQs for expert guidance. Create eye-catching designs with ease. Get started now!

Why is it that adding more cores does not guarantee exceptional T-shirt or graphic design results?

Graphic design is a single-core process, so it is launched with CPUs that support overclocking and have higher clock speeds for the single-core. As a result, an 8-core processor might not be the most cost-effective option for a graphic designer but will provide an additional advantage over a Hexa-Core i7 processor.

Do you need a lot of RAM to design T-shirts or graphics as a designer?

When it comes to graphic design, the CPU does the rest of the heavy work, and if you are working with multiple applications at the same time, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, the complexity of multitasking can reduce the device’s memory. As a result, more RAM is often recommended for more professional use to ensure that the laptop does not lag or freeze.

What are the benefits of investing in a good display?

A good display helps in understanding the design’s color contrast and saturation levels. While a Full HD panel is sufficient for testing the brightness of vector and raster designs, it is very important to have at least 72 percent NTSC color gamut or 100 percent sRGB color gamut for better performance.

Best Laptops for T-Shirt Design – Recommended Specs

Processor13th Generation Intel Core i7
GraphicsNVIDIA or Intel iris
Memory16 DDR5
Storage512GB NVMe SSD
Display15.6″ Full HD
WeightUnder 6 lbs.
BatteryUp to 6 Hours
OSWindows 11

Best Laptops for T-Shirt Design Review – 2024

Conclusion on Best Laptops for T-Shirt Design

Finding the Best laptops for T-Shirt design is a difficult task, and it will take your time during the research process, according to our experts, T-shirt design is not a hard task, and it can be done professionally if the device has a strong processor.

However, depending on your interests, budget, and additional skill sets, you can still get the best notebook by thoroughly analyzing all the gadgets mentioned above.

  • The HP Envy 360 is the best choice to consider if you want an all-around notebook that can also serve as a casual gaming machine, and if you believe that the 16GB RAM would be insufficient for your multitasking needs, the Dell XPS 15 9520 is a good option for you to consider.
  • The Acer Swift X is an excellent device for you to get if you’re looking for a laptop with a good gaming performance without killing the GPU.
  • If screen size is not a problem, Lenovo IdeaPad 5i is one of the good gadgets for talented T-shirt designers or graphic designers. If you’re looking for a professional computer for working from home, the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro is the ideal choice for you to consider purchasing.

Finally, our goal with this article is to ensure that you have the best T-shirt design experience possible.

Please tell us the device you’re getting, and you can contact us if you think another machine needs to be added to this list; our editorial team does update the list from time to time.

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