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9 Best Acer Laptops with Backlit Keyboard in May 2024 [Expert Recommended]

Best Acer Laptops with Backlit Keyboard

While backlit keyboards may appear to be a bit ostentatious, they are increasingly becoming a convenience feature. Acer laptops with backlit keyboards are an excellent choice for individuals who want to work in dimly light areas.

Without the need to turn on the lights due to the environment in which you work, the keyboard illuminates the keys for your convenience.

Whether you’re a student pressed for time on a project or an office worker whose room’s electricity has been cut off, a back-lit keyboard makes typing simple even when it’s dark outside.

Both laptops and standard keyboards are available with backlit variants from a variety of manufacturers. Backlit keyboards are more popular with gamers who want swanky-looking devices to enhance their gaming experience.

This article provides an in-depth examination of many popular backlit keyboard laptops. Though the majority of laptops are gradually embracing the backlit keyboard function, there is still a significant number that does not.

Additionally, these laptops include modern technologies such as touchscreen displays and fingerprint scanners. With these and other features, you’ll be able to use your laptop for years without experiencing any issues.

As a result, our categorized list of the best Acer backlit keyboard laptops will assist you in making an informed decision.

Top 9 Best Acer Laptops with Backlit Keyboard in 2024 [Recommended]

After extensive testing of 43 laptops, our specialists have identified the nine best solutions that are well-suited for a variety of use situations.

Thus, you will not only come across random laptops equipped with a backlit keyboard, but also very dependable devices appropriate for general usage, gaming, professional use, and even personal use.

1. Best Versatile Laptop: Acer Swift X

Acer Swift X SFX14-41G-R1S6...
  • Aspect Ratio:16:9
  • Ultimate Performance. Uncompromised Battery Life: Speed up tasks with AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor with Zen 3 Core Architecture, available for...
  • RTX, It's On: The latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU (4GB GDDR6 VRAM) is powered by award-winning Ampere architecture with new Ray Tracing...
  • A True Visual Representation: Create your best content on the 14" Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS Widescreen LED-backlit 100% sRGB display with 300 nits...

It’s not every day that you come across an incredible laptop for less than the price of a set of high-end over-ear headphones. Given that the Acer Swift X includes the fastest backlit keyboard in addition to other characteristics, we believe it is deserving of a position on this list.

The Acer Swift X is powered by latest AMD Ryzen 7, 5800U processor. The AMD Ryzen 7 5800U has a basic clock speed of 1.9GHz, however, it can flex to 4.7 GHz when doing intensive activities. Additionally, the gadget is equipped with a dedicated ‎NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Graphics, which provides 4GB GDDR6 VRAM for Mid-level gaming performance.

Given the low price of less than $800, the 16GB LPDDR4X RAM inside appears to be enough. This is ideal for managing your daily multitasking requirements, but it is not elegant. On the storage front, you’re looking at a staggering 512GB NVMe SSD space. This, in conjunction with Acer’s software optimization, has resulted in a significant improvement in total boot-up and processing times.

713C7 RPHvS. AC SL1500

The 14-inch Full HD IPS widescreen display that comes with the computer is nothing special. It’s a nice panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 Pixels and smaller bezels on both sides. However, the top and bottom bezels are pretty noticeable. Acer has included technology that allows for the adjustment of color output and temperature for a more comfortable viewing experience.

This laptop’s keyboard is likewise very common. Its comfortable keyboard travel makes it ideal for typing lengthy papers and scripts. Additionally, the backlighting option works well. Additionally, many have stated that the touchpad feels wonderful to use, even for lengthy periods of time. Overall, navigating the OS is a breeze while using this notebook.

While the Acer Swift X is not the lightest laptop on the market, it is comfortable to handle. The gadget weighs only 3.31 pounds in total. The body is 0.7 inches thick. On the plus side, you won’t have to worry about your computer lacking a USB Type C, Type A, or HDMI connector. As a result, you can easily survive without a dongle.

Finally, the machine boasts a 16-hour operating time on a single charge. Given that you receive the latest AMD processor, excellent connectivity, and 16GB RAM, we believe the price is acceptable for the most part.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Latest AMD processor
  • Well-optimized display
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fastest Backlit keyboard


  • No optical drive
  • No dedicated numpad

2. Best Functional Laptop: Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 is an affordable laptop with good build quality, a robust and stylish design, and a full-sized backlit keyboard with a dedicated number pad. That is why it has earned a reputation as one of the best Acer laptops with a backlit keyboard.

It is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 5700U Octa-Core Mobile Processor, a 512GB NVMe SSD drive, and 8GB DDR4 RAM. The CPU is capable of doing routine operations like online surfing, word processing, business calculations, and video viewing. Additionally, it is capable of running numerous programs concurrently.

Due to its quality and clean style, it appears to be a laptop-new laptop rather than a budget model. It weighs only 3.88 pounds, so transferring it from one location to another will be effortless.

The laptop features a 15.6-inch screen with a 4-way nano-edge bezel and an 80% screen-to-body ratio. The gadget is not very adept at producing accurate color reproduction while doing picture and video editing chores. However, the low-quality TN panel with an anti-glare coating helps when used outside.

Additionally, Acer Aspire 5 enables rapid charging, charging up to 60% of the battery in 49 minutes. The battery life is adequate for such a low-priced laptop, lasting up to 11 hours when performing ordinary home or business duties.

You’ll feel right at home with its island-style keyboard and white backlit color.

Additionally, this Acer laptop includes a separate number pad, which adds value and aids in performing numerical business calculations.

Additionally, it has all the essential ports. On the left side, there is a microSD card slot, two USB 2.0 ports, and LED status indicators. On the right side, a USB 3.1 port, a DC Jack, an HDMI port, and a headphone jack are located.

The speakers are situated on the bottom and utilize Acer SonicMaster technology to produce a higher-quality sound. Additionally, you may utilize high-quality headphones to enhance the speaker’s audio performance.

It’s quite difficult to find a low-cost laptop with a strong build quality, a robust and stylish design, an AMD processor, a backlit keyboard with a dedicated numeric keypad, and a battery life of 11 hours. That is why the Acer Aspire 5 has a competitive edge.


  • Solid build quality
  • Excellent performance
  • Lightweight
  • Good screen quality
  • Good battery life
  • Fingerprint scanner


  • No Thunderbolt 3 support
  • No optical drive

3. Best Performative Laptop: Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5 Laptop is an excellent alternative for anybody wishing to stay connected while traveling. The modern design, rugged chassis, and backlit keyboard make it a good choice for business or casual web browsing.

The Acer Nitro 5 laptop combines all of the characteristics of a computer into one device: mobility, durability, and functionality!

The laptop is an excellent solution for students who are always on the move. It has an 8-hour battery life, which means students can stay online and study without worrying about putting in their charger in the middle of the session!

The Acer Nitro 5 Laptop is powered by the Newest Intel Core i7-11800H CPU, which provides increased performance control, allowing you to run demanding apps without experiencing slowdowns or malfunctions.

Acer Nitro Laptop features a slim and attractive design that is extremely lightweight, making it ideal for carrying. Not only is this Acer Nitro laptop spacious, but the 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM ensures that your work never slows down or crashes!

The 1TB NVMe SSD Storage means that you don’t experience any latency when accessing data in public settings such as coffee shops and parks. The Laptop features the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti GPU with 4GB GDDR6 VRAM.          

Acer Nitro 5 Laptop is more than a music player, email client, and Angry Birds game. Additionally, this handy device includes functions that can help you be more productive in the office or at home!

The Acer Nitro laptop boasts a high-definition display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which ensures that you see vivid pictures and movies regardless of how far away you are from your computer’s panel.

Acer Nitro 5 is a new laptop that has a NumberPad that simplifies number crunching. All you have to do to activate it the first time you switch it on, and each time you reboot, is hit the symbol in the upper left corner of your touchpad screen.

The complete interface will then be written just beneath this button, making all mathematical functions accessible with a single click!

Additionally, the device features nice speakers, which means that students will not only be able to see their lessons clearly but also hear them without the use of headphones – ideal if there is limited desk space around these areas where laptops would typically be placed, as graphics cards now come equipped with powerful integrated audio capabilities.

The Laptop is a stylish and powerful computer that comes pre-installed with Windows 10 S Mode. Additionally, it includes up to 8 hours of Battery life When performing ordinary duties.

The Laptop is a budget-friendly Acer laptop with a backlit keyboard that is ideal for students and professionals who want to take their work with them. It has a sleek and lightweight design that fits comfortably in your bag, allowing you to be more productive than ever before.


  • Light and durable design
  • Low-priced powerful device
  • Superb battery life
  • SD Card reader


  • Low storage capacity
  • No optical drive

4. Best Fastest Laptop: Acer Spin 3

The Acer Spin 3 laptop features a sleek and small design and weighs just 3.31 pounds, making it an ideal choice for people whose jobs necessitate regular travel – or who like to have their computer with them at all times.

The Acer Spin 3 is the best Acer laptop with a backlit keyboard and a battery life of 11 hours during movie playing. That’s enough time to watch your favorite film or television show on the road and still have some juice left over for when you’re in direct need.

It is powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor. This processor includes a 6 MB cache for fast access to your data, which is advantageous in a variety of ways.

With a clock speed of 3.60 GHz, this machine is more than capable of handling your daily computing tasks.

The Laptop includes a 14-inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The image clarity is superb, and the colors are vibrant without being oversaturated or presenting weird green tones where the blue sky should be in an outdoor shot, for example.

This Acer Spin 3 laptop has a cutting-edge 6-inch multitouch pad with palm rejection technology that prevents inadvertent clicks and movements, stopping you from accidentally touching something you don’t want.

Acer laptops are renowned for their speed and stylish appearance. It comes equipped with 8GB LPDDR4 RAM, which provides sufficient performance for your computing needs, as apps launch swiftly and without lag or interruption.

It features 512GB NVMe SSD storage. This solid-state drive accelerates application and game loading times and stores more data in less space than conventional hard drives.

The Acer Spin 3 laptop is ideal for people wishing to save money while upgrading to a more productive computer capable of handling anything thrown its way. It comes pre-installed with Windows 10 in S mode, which eliminates the need for manual updates and downloads from Microsoft’s official store.

This laptop includes a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365. This means you’ll get access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, which will enable you to write articles, edit photographs in Photoshop, and build presentations or charts from scratch.

It doesn’t end there, since many business owners utilize PowerPoint presentations during meetings that require graphics, especially if they’re showing videos.

Additionally, the laptop’s left side contains an HDMI port. It’s ideal for connecting your laptop to a larger screen, allowing you to view movies, television shows, and more in their native 1920 x 1080 Pixels resolution.

The Acer Spin 3 is a svelte, attractive workhorse that will quickly get you up and running. With its USB Type C connector on the left side of your computer, you may easily connect and charge a variety of devices.

Additionally, this laptop features an SD card reader on the right edge. A useful and easy feature to any computer, the card slot enables rapid access when needed without removing or storing the device’s cover, which is advantageous if many people are using it concurrently.

The Bottom Line: Acer Spin 3 is a budget-friendly Acer laptop with a backlit keyboard that’s ideal for online browsing, word processing, and social networking. It has a sleek design with appealing metallic elements, which makes it attractive on your desk or when carrying it.

Additionally, it features a plethora of connectivity choices for all of your devices, as well as an amazing 11-hour battery life.


  • Sleek and slim design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Economical battery life
  • Plenty of connectivity ports


  • Not good for heavy load
  • No optical drive

5. Best Secured Laptop: Acer Nitro 5

The Acer Nitro 5 AN5 15-45-R9QH is an excellent Acer laptop with a backlit keyboard for those who need to accomplish simple operations such as document creation and editing, movie viewing, web browsing, and email checking.

It’s compact and inexpensive. It’s a wonderful option for students or those on a shoestring budget.

Acer Nitro 5 is powered by an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX CPU with a maximum clock speed of 4.6 GHz. This processor provides exceptional performance for all your daily chores, making this laptop ideal for school or business.

The laptop’s 32GB DDR4 RAM enables seamless multitasking, while the 1TB NVMe SSD gives lightning-fast data access. If you want additional storage, the laptop also has a microSD card reader that accepts SD cards up to 128 GB in size.

Additionally, the Acer Nitro 5 features a huge 15.6-inch high-definition display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which makes it ideal for viewing movies or playing games.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics with 8GB GDDR6 VRAM, ensure that you can play simple games and watch movies flawlessly.

The laptop includes a USB 3.1 Type C interface that supports data transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps and enables the connection of any external device, such as an external display or a fast external hard drive. Additionally, this connector may be used to charge the laptop.

Additionally, the Acer Nitro 5 features a USB 3.0 connector and a USB 2.0 port for connecting a range of accessories to your laptop, such as external storage or an optical drive, increasing its versatility. Additionally, it features an HDMI connector for connecting to a monitor or television.

When using the Acer Nitro 5 for business, you’ll need a dependable and fast internet connection, which is why it includes a built-in 802.11 ac Wi-Fi adaptor.

The laptop’s keyboard features a dedicated number pad, which speeds up and simplifies data entering. Due to the keyboard’s backlighting, it may be used in low-light circumstances without issue.

The Acer laptop includes a built-in 720p HD webcam with face tracking. As a result, you will be able to participate in video conversations without the need for any additional equipment.

The Acer Nitro 5 laptop weighs only 4.85 pounds, making it ideal for transporting to and from work or school.

It has a fingerprint scanner that enables you to enter your Windows 11 account quickly and easily.

If you’re searching for a durable and economical Acer laptop with a backlit keyboard for everyday chores, the Acer Nitro 5 is a great option. It enables you to effortlessly navigate the web, engage in lag-free online gaming, and perform all other everyday duties.


  • Very affordable
  • Fast boot-up and data transfer with SSD storage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes a separate number pad
  • Fast data and power delivery with USB Type-C port
  • Fingerprint sensor


  • It lacks an optical drive

6. Best All-Rounder Laptop: Acer Swift X

The Acer Swift X SFX14-41G-R1S6 is an excellent pick for those in the market for a rugged and high-performance Acer laptop with a backlit keyboard.

The Acer Swift X is a very portable laptop weighing only 3.06 pounds, making it convenient to transport to and from school campuses, offices, and other locations.

The laptop is equipped with an Intel AMD Ryzen 7 5800U processor that operates at a maximum clock speed of 1.9 GHz and provides effective performance.

The Acer Swift X comes equipped with 16GB LPDDR4X RAM, which is more than enough for basic multitasking. It has a 512GB NVMe SSD drive, which provides ample storage for all your data and multimedia assets. Additionally, it includes an SD card reader that supports SD cards up to 512GB in capacity.

The Acer Swift X has a 14-inch Full HD display with Acer Splendid technology for vivid and clear pictures. It incorporates an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Graphics card with shared video memory, resulting in crystal-clear pictures for viewing movies or playing games.

As with the last Acer laptop, it features a fingerprint sensor for quick and easy access to the computer, even while you’re on the road.

The laptop comes equipped with two USB Type-A connectors, one USB Type-C port, and an HDMI port for connecting to external devices like monitors, televisions, or projectors.

The Acer Swift X is a budget-friendly laptop with a backlit keyboard and dedicated numeric keypad that is ideal for students and professionals.

If you’re searching for a reasonably priced and capable Acer laptop with a backlit keyboard and fingerprint reader, the Acer Swift X is an excellent choice. It provides enough performance for the price, has all of the features anticipated of Acer laptops, and features a beautiful appearance.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dedicated number pad
  • It comes with a fingerprint sensor
  • AMD Ryzen powerful processor


  • Average battery life
  • Speaker quality could be better

7. Best Multi-purpose Laptop: Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-54-76OS

If you’re searching for a full-featured gaming laptop with multi-zone keyboard illumination, the Acer Predator Helios 300 is a good option. This device is ideal for gamers and content developers who seek a more simplified performance environment.

Latest 12th Gen Intel Core i7-11800H processor powers the Laptop, ensuring smooth and streamlined performance. It operates at a basic clock speed of 2.6GHz but is capable of reaching 5GHz in demanding scenarios. Additionally, Acer includes an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card with 6GB GDDR6 VRAM. This implies that resource-intensive games such as PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends will run smoothly.

However, there are no concessions made in terms of memory and storage. This Laptop features 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB full-speed SSD storage. NVMe SSDs, in particular, may deliver some of the best performance for gaming and transmitting data. Apart from the necessary Predator-exclusive power management and customization features, the Windows 10 installation is bloatware-free.

Probably the most interesting aspect of the Acer Predator Helios 300 is the display module. Not only does the 15.6-inch Full HD display provide super-accurate material, but its 1920 x 1080 resolution and increased refresh rate of 144Hz make gaming sessions faster than ever. Additionally, the panel has a reaction time of 3ms. Nonetheless, we wish the laptop had handled the bezels better.

As implied by the title, this system features a multi-zone illuminated keyboard. This implies that you may control which zones get illumination. Additionally, you get backlit WASD keys and two dedicated keys for Turbo and PredatorSense. We propose this multi-zone keyboard if you want to further customize your surroundings.

In comparison to the Razer laptop that we previously reviewed, this Acer gaming computer is rather large. And we’re talking about a 0.9-inch thickness and a 5.07-pound overall weight. However, you may be pleased that the gadget features improved airflow control, among other features. Additionally, you have access to USB Type A, Type C, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI, and Ethernet connections on the device’s left and right sides.

According to Acer, the laptop may provide up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge. Given the comprehensive collection of hardware contained therein, we believe this is a credible value. Of course, if you’re not going to be playing games constantly, you may enhance the backup even more.


  • Multi-zone backlit keyboard
  • 12th Gen Intel i7-11800H-series processor
  • Advanced customization
  • 144Hz Full HD panel with 3ms
  • Excellent connectivity
  • Superior Wi-Fi and Audio


  • Bulky design
  • No Thunderbolt 3 port

8. Best Budget-Friendly Laptop: Acer Swift 5

Almost every mid-range laptop is equipped with a backlit keyboard, and as a result, it’s vital to examine the related specs in order to maximize the incomparable typing environment. This is the goal of the new Acer Swift 5’s productivity-focused specification sheet.

Acer employs the Latest 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1165G7 for processing. The octa-core CPU operates at enhanced clock speeds of up to 4.7GHz, which is more than suitable for routine copywriting and accounting tasks. Additionally, you have access to the Intel Iris Xe graphics card, which is ideal for casual gaming and other graphics-intensive tasks.

You receive 16GB LPDDR4X RAM for the system memory. While the included piece of system RAM more than justifies the low price, it also provides adequate multitasking capacity for multimedia makers. On the storage front, you get a 1TB NVMe SSD module that is fast enough for a variety of programs and even the Windows 10 Home operating system.

The 14-inch 1080p display is extremely realistic in terms of color, allowing you to enjoy designs, creative thoughts, and other resources with the finest clarity. The bezel-free display, on the other hand, wowed us the most, allowing the laptop to achieve a screen-to-chassis ratio of over 83 percent.

In terms of productivity, Acer has a typical backlit keyboard and a convenient fingerprint sensor close to the smooth touchpad. The HD webcam and voice-purified microphones provide professional coverage quietly. Additionally, Acer accommodates stronger speakers and a smaller chassis that weighs just 4.55 pounds.

The Acer Swift 5’s connection suite is sufficiently broad, with the OEM including Wi-Fi 6, USB 3.2 Gen 1, HDMI, Type-C, and other pertinent ports. Additionally, the integrated battery module provides up to 15 hours of battery life, making this one of the more portable laptops for copywriters and content creators.

In conclusion, the Acer Swift 5 is one of the best all-in-one laptops available if you’re looking for a backlit keyboard with reasonable key travel and consistent lighting levels.


  • Low-power RAM for minimizing throttling
  • Sizable storage space
  • Light and portable
  • Excellent battery life
  • Wi-Fi 6 support


  • The webcam isn’t good enough
  • Not meant for power users

9. Best Aesthetic laptop: Acer Aspire 5

 The Acer Aspire 5 A515-43-R19L is the best laptop with a backlit keyboard, making it an excellent alternative for students and casual users who want more than basic functionality.

This Acer laptop is well-suited for online surfing, video streaming, and other everyday duties. Additionally, it comes in a beautiful silver color that looks great at school or work!

The Acer Aspire 5 is so compact and elegant that it easily fits into a briefcase or bag. It has an immersive widescreen LED-backlit IPS Display with 1920x1080p full HD resolution, allowing users to enjoy their favorite entertainment without experiencing pixelation or the need to zoom out when reading text documents.

With its brushed aluminum body and stylish appearance, the Acer Aspire 5 is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a portable PC.

With a weight of just 3.97 pounds, this laptop is ideal for people looking for something lightweight yet still powerful enough to handle their demanding demands on the move!

The battery life on the Acer Aspire 5 is adequate, lasting 7 hours and 30 minutes on a single charge. This will supply you with enough juice to last you the whole day or even longer if necessary!

This type is ideal for folks who travel frequently or are constantly on the move, as they never have to worry about where their next charge will come from.

That is why the Acer Aspire 5 is the ideal solution for your requirements. Not only does it come with a strong CPU, but it also comes with lots of storage space and RAM!

The AMD Ryzen 3 3200U CPU inside works at up to 3.5 GHz, which means this laptop is capable of running everything from word-processing apps to high-end video games with ease!

The 4GB DDR4 RAM is plenty for multitasking, allowing you to run many programs simultaneously without feeling slow or having lag time while switching screens!

The Acer Aspire 5 features 128GB PCIe NVMe SSD storage interface that is up to ten times quicker than SATA III. It has a 128GB PCIe NVME Solid State Drive (SSD) for all your daily digital demands.

It’s not always about performance; sometimes you need a dependable computer, like this economical yet powerful Acer. Additionally, the Laptop contains a 720p Webcam, which helps ensure that your recordings are clear when you’re out doing errands around town.

Acer Aspire 5 offers a specifically engineered, reversible USB 3.1 Gen 1 port that enables simple device plugging without having to look at the device to determine which way it is facing. Additionally, there are two high-speed USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI connector with HDCP compatibility (High-Level Data Link Control), which permits the transmission of visuals across digital connections, such as video from Blu-ray discs or gaming console controllers.

The Acer Aspire 5 is a versatile laptop that can be used for a variety of tasks, from gaming to streaming videos on social media. Additionally, it offers the best battery life and connectivity choices, ensuring that it is always a dependable friend!


  • Solid productivity performance
  • Slim and sleek silver design
  • Comfortable keyboard with a numeric keypad
  • Very good battery life


  • So-so touchpad
  • Lack of fingerprint reader
  • No USB-C Port

Why an Acer Laptop with a Backlit Keyboard Is Necessary

When laptops with backlit keyboards were originally debuted in the marketplace, they were seen as beautiful and elegant but, well, somewhat unneeded.

It’s not as if you couldn’t just switch on the office lights instead of wasting money on fancy keyboard illumination. But circumstances have now shifted, and laptops with backlit keyboards are less an accessory, and more a requirement.

Nowadays, instead of working from a desk in an office, individuals now work from their homes, public transportation, or even a tent in the middle of nowhere.

Owning a computer with a keyboard that enables you clearly see all the keys even in weak natural light can be the difference between being a go-getter and someone who can operate only by day.

Many backlit keyboards now give the possibility of altering the brightness and picking your color scheme—a convenient provision to add a touch of individuality to your system.

While these laptops have quickly gained favor with the general public, you should give one serious consideration if you fall into one of the following categories:

You are a gamer: Gaming fans can not do without a backlit keyboard, ideally with RGB illumination. Not only does it bring razzmatazz to the proceedings but it is also a must-have for competitive gaming sessions when watching your controls may mean all the difference between success and loss.

You’re a computer programmer: Because of this, computer nerds are often available at all hours of the day and night, especially if their employer requires them to produce complex code in a short amount of time. Hitting the appropriate key matters enormously and can prevent you from unpleasant software issues.

Creative professionals include everyone from authors to architects to interior designers to anybody who enjoys the process of creating something new. A backlit keyboard is vital to enable you to work unrestrained when creativity strikes, never mind the surrounding lighting or lack thereof.

Things to consider while buying a Best Acer laptop with a backlit keyboard

Most of us prefer buying a laptop with a backlit keyboard. The device’s aesthetics are better, and the typing experience is enhanced as well.

To be clear, I am not advocating that you buy anything just for the sake of appearances (although that is an important consideration). Let’s review some of the things you must consider before purchasing any laptop with a backlit keyboard:

1. Purpose of usage:

What do you generally use your laptop for? Do you see yourself using it frequently? Is it going to be utilized for personal or professional reasons (for example, streaming movies, viewing YouTube videos, etc.)? I can promise you that you won’t need more than 4GB of RAM for such tasks.

However, if you want to use your computer for work-related tasks like video editing and rendering, you’ll want a laptop with a backlit keyboard, at least 8GB of RAM, and an i5 CPU.

2. Budget:

Yes, without a doubt! Everything boils down to budget; we all know that very well! The second most crucial consideration is your budget, regardless of the intended use.

You should never spend money on anything, not within your grasp or not needed at all (keep in mind the ancient proverb “You get what you pay for”). As a result, before purchasing anything, think about your budget, and that includes laptops with backlit keyboards priced between $500 and $2,000.

A few laptops in this price range include the following:

3. Operating System:

This component is far more essential than you imagine! Be careful while picking your operating system (OS), since it won’t come with a backlit keyboard by default. For example, if you chose Mac OS for $500 USD, you might need to pay an extra $50-$100 to obtain a laptop with a backlit keyboard.

Windows OS is free with any laptop that has such a function already loaded in it! You don’t have to pay a lot of money if you want to use a backlit keyboard with Linux or Android.

4. Brand:

If price permits, I would always recommend choosing well-known manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell, etc., which deliver consistent and standard performance and stand behind the items they create. Because their after-sales service is so good (if not the best), I’d never consider another brand if I had a spending limit of $500 or more.

5. Ports:

I’m sure you’ll go with a MacBook or anything similar because it has only USB Type C connections and no other types of connectors accessible for attaching any devices to the laptop. Anyone without the means to purchase a new computer would undoubtedly want one with several connectors, such as an HDMI port or a memory card reader.

Standard ports are often included with a laptop with a backlit keyboard. Still, if you want an upgrade, you should consider browsing for another brand that provides additional connections without paying too much money!

6. Battery Life:

Though practically all laptops come up with at least four hours of battery life per charge these days, there is always a potential for improvement. One of the primary reasons people spend additional cash to acquire a backlit keyboard is its exceptional battery life.

If you plan to use your computer in dimly lit settings or late at night when the lights are off, I highly recommend looking for a laptop with a long battery life of at least 7-8 hours.

7. Quality of the Backlit Keyboard:

You should consider a crucial feature while selecting a laptop with a backlit keyboard. Its quality will directly affect how excellent your typing experience will be on such a keyboard.

Look for versions that come out with scissor-switch keys or butterfly mechanism keys if feasible! Try clicking them from different angles to determine whether they provide the same volume and pressure when linked from different corners to compare responses.

Getting acclimated to a new gadget takes time, but it will be worth it once you get the hang of it! So, while shopping for a laptop with backlit keyboards, don’t skimp on this consideration!

8. Display:

The display is one of the most utilized components on your new laptop, thus it must be evaluated very carefully before selecting any Acer computer with a backlit keyboard. Check out its resolution, viewing angles, etc., to get a sense of how it will seem when you use it in dark locations. Check the LCD or LED screen’s brightness as well! Try buying a model that excels in these characteristics if feasible!

9. Storage Capacity:

The storage capacity of any laptop directly influences its performance while booting up and shutting down, loading heavy applications like Adobe Photoshop, games like FIFA 18, etc., and general working speed with pre-installed apps.

Always be sure an Acer laptop with a backlit keyboard has at least 500GB of storage!

10. Processor Speed:

Every processor comes out with a distinct speed that directly influences your computer’s overall performance, so always check out its GHz level and the number of cores it is equipped with before buying one for yourself.

Any device with less than 1.5 GHz-2 GHz speed can cause major slowdowns when working on large projects or playing games, so make sure you get one of those! In any case, the manufacturer’s website or a Google search will yield this data in no time.

11. Warranty:

Things should last forever these days, but when things go awry, we need someone to help us get them back up and running.

Be sure to look into the warranty policy before purchasing any laptop from Acer if you want a backlit keyboard!

It will reduce your concerns about it becoming faulty anytime soon, and you may easily contact its maker for support if needed! However, try to avoid models which have only a 90-day warranty as these are not predicted to survive very long at all!

FAQs on Best Acer Laptops with Backlit Keyboards

Looking for the best Acer laptops with backlit keyboard? Our FAQ guide tells you everything you need to know about the top Acer laptops with backlit keyboard, including benefits, models, and compatibility. It covers. Find the ideal partner for stylish productivity and functionality in one attractive package.

Why do you need a backlit keyboard?

When working late into the night, having a keyboard with a built-in backlit source is a must. To avoid disturbing people, make sure your laptop has a backlit keyboard. You save money on your electricity cost as well.

Are laptops with backlit keyboards expensive?

They don’t cost a lot of money. There was a time when only expensive laptops like the Apple MacBook Pro had the advantage of backlit keyboards. As you can see, they’re now available on a wide range of devices, even $400 laptops.

What are the benefits of a backlit keyboard?

The fundamental advantage of a backlit keyboard is that you may operate in a low-light area without annoying others. Nevertheless, these keyboards are useful for gaming laptops and streaming setups since they add a sense of coziness.

Are backlit keyboards worth it?

Laptops with backlit keyboards have been shown to increase productivity by as much as 30%. As well as improving productivity in low-light conditions, this function also helps to maintain the laptop’s upscale appearance.

Does a backlit keyboard affect battery life?

Given that the backlit keyboard uses your laptop’s battery to power the LEDs, there will be some influence on the overall battery life. However, there is an option to turn off the backlight or lessen the light’s brightness when necessary.

Can I change the backlight color on a laptop?

Laptops without color backlit keyboards are uncommon. Most of them, even luxury laptops, make use of monochromatic backlighting with keyboards. Most gaming laptops, on the other hand, include keyboard illumination that can be customized or at the very least multi-zone.

Do all laptops have a backlit keyboard?

Nowadays, most common laptops come with a backlit keyboard as a standard feature. Many laptops still come with a standard keyboard, which lacks backlighting. All of the laptops in this article offer a backlit keyboard, so you may select the one that best suits your needs.

Is a backlit keyboard necessary?

Yes, a backlit keyboard is required, especially if you are wanting to work during dark hours. Laptops’ backlit keys make it easier to accurately press the desired ones.

How to turn on the backlit keyboard?

Turning on the backlit depends on the laptop you are aiming for. Some keyboards feature a backlight button built into the function keys, while others need you to use CTRL+shortcuts to activate the backlighting..

Is it possible to install a backlit keyboard on a laptop?

No, a laptop or PC with a backlit keyboard cannot be installed. Investing in a laptop with a built-in backlit keyboard is the best move. Just scan through the reviews of the laptop, and select the laptop you prefer.

Does the backlit reduce the battery life?

The battery life of laptops is not significantly impacted by the use of a backlit screen since the impact is negligible. However, it would be nice to switch the backlit off during the day or when the full keyboard is visible.

Do you have to spend a lot of money to get a laptop with a backlit keyboard?

No. Many Acer laptops offer a backlit keyboard. Earlier we had to spend a lot of money to obtain it. But today it is a vital function, and every laptop should have it.

Can you change the colors of a backlit keyboard?

It depends on your budget and laptop category. Mostly, gaming laptops come with colorful backlit keyboards. Meanwhile, other laptops, including the premium series, come with solely white illumination.

Best Acer Laptops with Backlit Keyboard Review – 2024

Final Thoughts on Best Acer Laptops with Backlit Keyboard

As you can see, we now have more alternatives to pick from. Only high-end laptops with backlit keyboards were available before. Nowadays, you can acquire a laptop with a backlit keyboard without paying loads of money. Every laptop should have this capability since it offers so much value.

The search for additional vital components must be conducted in this instance as well. A backlit keyboard is an absolute must-have for any laptop, especially in low-light situations. In my view, Apple Macbook Air M1 is the best laptop for many people since it fits most of the criteria, whether it is a working business person, student, or casual home user.

But if you are a gamer, you could be searching for a multi-color RGB keyboard, which takes the gaming experience to the next level. The Razer Blade 15 and Lenovo Legion 5 are excellent gaming laptops with RGB backlit keyboards, but there are a lot of them out there. The Razer Blade 15 is a good choice for professional users who want to get the most out of their computer’s capabilities.

But if you are searching for a budget gaming laptop for approximately $1000, there can’t be a better alternative than the Lenovo Legion 5. Lastly, Acer Aspire 5 is the cheapest Windows laptop with a backlit keyboard. If you have more queries, you may tell us in the below comment box!

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