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Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast? [9 best ways to fix it]

Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast?

Your laptop battery dies fast due to apps, screen brightness, or aging battery. Optimize settings, update software, or replace the battery for longer life. Discover solutions now

Because my laptop battery dies so fast, it shuts off the laptop within minutes of running low. Can someone advise me on how to cure this laptop battery problem?”

If you’ve come here with a similar question concerning your laptop battery problem, you’ll almost surely have it answered. It doesn’t matter what brand of laptop you have, the laptop battery dying so fast is a relatively frequent problem that is encountered by many.

Apart from regular battery exhaustion, it can also happen to owe to many software-related difficulties too. In this post, I’m going to explain to you how to cure this laptop battery issue in numerous methods.

Part 1. Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast?

One of the most prevalent causes of laptop battery failure is an aged or discharged battery.

If the battery in your laptop is outdated, it is likely that it will discharge quickly and that it is time to replace it. Other explanations for laptop battery difficulties include the following.

There may be an excessive number of background processes.

A resource-intensive program (such as gaming or any other desktop application) might also die/drain the battery.

A modification in the system parameters causes the battery to fast die/drain quickly.

Your system might be operating on high brightness or other advanced parameters.

Too many internet and network connections might also create this difficulty.

The firmware loaded on the device might become corrupted, resulting in a power outage.

Other factors include malfunctioning drivers, too many peripheral devices, and so on.

Part 2: How to Fix the Laptop Battery Die So Fast Problem?

laptop battery Replace

To solve the Asus, Lenovo, Dell, or HP laptop battery problem, you might consider following these tips. These are connected to the system’s firmware or improper settings that may simply be corrected.

However, if your laptop’s battery is old or died/drained, then you might consider getting it replaced instead. Here are 8 options for you to fix this problem, click any of them to have a fast look.

  1. Monitor the brightness of the screen
  2. Disc drives should be ejected
  3. Adjust your laptop’s power settings
  4. Minimize the number of network connections
  5. Get rid of peripheral devices you don’t need
  6. Stop running unnecessary programs
  7. Turn off your keyboard’s backlight
  8. Stop running any unwanted program or feature
  9. Monitor the Screen Brightness

01. Monitor the brightness of the screen

brightness setting of laptop screen

As you may already know, the display is a significant component of the system that consumes battery power. As a result, this is the first thing I would recommend doing if the battery on your HP laptop is dying so fast.

The brightness adjustments are accessible via taskbar shortcuts or by using the function keys to raise or decrease the brightness.

Alternatively, you may set the screen brightness to the appropriate level by navigating to Settings > System > Display. Try not to keep it high since it might burn your laptop’s battery more swiftly.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 1

02. Disc drives should be ejected

laptop optical drive

Your laptop battery might be affected by a linked CD or DVD on your system. You might consider simply pushing the eject button on the side of the laptop to remove the disc drive.

If this does not work, go to My Computer (This PC), right-click the drive icon of the disc, and click “Eject.” The disc drive will open, allowing you to remove the inserted CD or DVD.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 2

03. Adjust your laptop’s power settings

An issue with your HP or Acer laptop battery might potentially be caused by a recent change in your system’s Power settings. Ideally, this could happen with any brand of laptop and is easily fixed.

Simply go to Settings > Machine > Power & Sleep and alter the sleep and screen time settings when the system is switched on or hibernated.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 3

You may also access the “Additional Power Settings” at this point if you want to run the system with an optimized or balanced plan. From here, you can also select to create your power plan as well.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 4

04. Minimize the number of network connections

Wifi-Network-Connection-on- laptop

If your system is connected to a large number of networks or peripheral devices, this might also cause your laptop’s battery to die/drain.

For this, you can merely navigate to your system’s Settings > Network Connections to verify the presently active connections. In some Windows versions, it may be accessed via Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections as well.

From here, you may pick any network, right-click, and merely disable or forget it. In this manner, you may keep your laptop’s active network connections to a minimum.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 5

05. Get rid of peripheral devices you don’t need

Laptop accessories

In addition to network connections, you may monitor peripheral devices linked to your system.

For example, if your system is linked to many devices concurrently, this might result in laptop battery failure.

Remove any linked devices such as the USB drive, wireless mouse, CD/DVD player, or even Bluetooth speakers to see if it fixes the problem.

Simply navigate to the system’s settings or click the device icon in the taskbar to monitor this.

Right-click it to safely delete the connected devices and merely unplug all the unneeded peripheral devices from it.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 5

06. Stop running unnecessary programs

There will be tons of unwanted apps and applications operating in the background, dying/draining your system’s battery.

To repair the Dell battery problem, you can merely check the background apps and switch the undesired programs off.

You may do the same to solve Acer, Asus, HP, Lenovo, and other manufacturers’ laptop battery problems as well.

For this, merely navigate to your computer’s Settings > Privacy > Background Apps. If you desire, you can turn off the background app function from here totally or selectively enable/disable the feature for certain apps.

I would recommend turning it off for a bit to avoid so many programs from running in the background.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 6

07. Turn off your keyboard’s backlight

keyboard with backlight

Backlighting on the keyboard is also a feature seen in certain high-end laptops. While it might assist you in typing in the dark, it can also cause problems such as the laptop battery dying so quickly.

To remedy this, you may use the keyboard keys (such as the Function + F5 key for HP) to control the brightness.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 7

Additionally, you may disable this function in the “Keyboard Backlight” portion of your system’s Control Center > Mouse and Keyboard.

laptop battery die so fast 3

08. Stop running any unwanted program or feature

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 8

Most significantly, if there are too many programs or functions operating in the background, then it might lead to a laptop battery problem. To inspect the processes and programs running, launch Task Manager on the system.

For this, execute the Ctrl + Alt + Del or Ctrl + Shift + Esc key combinations. From Task Manager, you may choose any process or program that is not needed and click on the “End Task” button to close it from running.

Besides that, you can also navigate to your computer’s Settings > Apps & Features and simply remove any software from your system.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 8

Use Microsoft Edge browser to fix Laptop Battery Die so Fast Problem.

My Laptop Battery Die So Fast fix 9

There have been several memes centered on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Microsoft, on the other hand, argues that the Edge browser saves a significant amount of battery life when compared to competing browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

FAQs on Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast

Wondering why your laptop battery is dying so quickly? Check out our FAQ guide. Find common causes and expert solutions to extend your battery life.

Optimize laptop usage and improve battery performance. ”

How long is a laptop battery supposed to last?

About a thousand rechargings should be expected from a laptop’s battery. There are various variables that affect the battery’s lifespan.

The kind of battery (Nike, NiMH, or Li-ion), how often the battery is used, and its age are all considerations.

Is it bad to leave your laptop plugged in all the time?

Maintaining your laptop’s battery is vital to ensuring that it lasts a long time and is able to keep its charge.

It’s not a terrible idea to disconnect your laptop from time to time, but if you want to keep your battery safe, you’ll need to keep an eye out for things like heat.

Why is my laptop battery draining so fast Windows 10?

Several factors contribute to the rapid depletion of laptop batteries in Windows 10. Unnecessary apps and processes are automatically installed when the brightness and screen light is excessive.

In order to charge the battery, you must use a charger that is compatible with the operating system.

Conclusion on Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast?

You’ll be capable of solving Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, or HP laptop batteries after reading this tutorial, “Why Does My Laptop Battery Die So Fast?”.

All kinds of laptop battery faults may be fixed by following these simple steps, which can be applied to practically any computer or laptop.

Remind it-

What do you do and what model is it? How quickly is it draining/dying?

Look, batteries are NOT intended for intensive use like gaming, video editing, 3D modeling, and so on. For such operations, you must plug in.

The battery is designed to power basic MS Office, surfing, and other tasks while you’re on the road. The battery is unable to manage such a large power consumption.

And, if you have a Gaming Laptop or a Laptop with dGPU in general, you must “reset” the GPU by disabling and then enabling it before disconnecting.

In this manner, no app uses the GPU, resulting in a drastic increase in battery life.

And, of course, there’s the typical recommendation of Power Saving/Battery Saving Modes.

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