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10 Reasons To Go With 11th Gen Intel CPU Laptops

Reasons To Go With 11th Gen Intel CPU Laptops

For those who are unaware, Intel just announced their latest processors, the 11th Generation Tiger Lake processors, with the goal of enhancing performance and providing a consistent user experience on laptops.

Intel’s latest initiative, aligned with the new Intel Evo platform brand, is now available for consumers to utilize and maybe enjoy.

With the recent launch of the latest 11th Gen. Intel CPU laptops, several laptop brands have introduced their models in the market. Here, we discuss why you should opt for these new devices with the latest processors.

Intel Core Processors 11th Generation

Intel Core Processors 11th Generation

However, if you’re still on the fence about purchasing a laptop equipped with an Intel 11th Generation CPU, here are ten reasons why you should.

01. It is the most audacious endeavor.

While Intel has never shied away from introducing new processors for its users, its newest chipset is perhaps its most ambitious endeavor yet.

These processors represent the world’s finest processors for regular laptops as well as thin and lightweight devices due to their small design and increased adaptability.

This new chipset truly defies expectations in terms of performance, content production, productivity, gaming, and entertainment.

Additionally, this new processor powers several recent Intel Evo platform releases as part of the Project Athena innovation initiative.

02. Increased frequency

Increased frequency

The third reason why Intel’s new chipset is worth purchasing is its increased frequency and performance.

Intel’s new chipset is meant to work in conjunction with the Willow Cove CPU and Intel Xe graphics architectures, which are built on the 10nm SuperFin process technology for improved user experience.

This innovative technique boosts the clock speed of the CPU to 4.8GHz. This is the first time an Intel chipset has launched a processor with this type of frequency.

This enables industry-leading performance and responsiveness at dramatically increased frequencies.

03. Option for seamless video conferencing

Option for seamless video conferencing

With the growing popularity of artificial intelligence, it’s unsurprising that Intel’s newest processors provide more intelligence-enhanced user experiences.

Additionally, this new chipset contains a CPU offload for neural noise suppression, allowing for background blurring, in addition to a video super-resolution functionality.

Additionally, this will enable the latest video decoding with the Intel Wi-Fi 6 wireless connection.

It is widely regarded as the greatest wireless technology for video conferencing, with particular emphasis on characteristics found in some of the newer devices, including small and lightweight models.

04. Increased and accelerated production

In a world where everyone seeks improved performance, Intel’s new chipset enables users to experience a 20% boost in performance for everyday activities.

Additionally, it has the newest Thunderbolt 4 technology, which enables users to connect through a single connection to enable quick charging and even connect to external displays and increased storage possibilities.

This enables you to connect the device to four peripheral ports concurrently, depending on your needs and requirements.

This innovative integrated chipset redefines how users interact with their laptops on a daily basis.

Extremely Fast Speed

Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (RST) is fully supported and helps increase system responsiveness by accelerating boot times, reducing latencies, and improving system responsiveness.

If you find the 5,000 MB/s of Gen 4 SSDs insufficient for any reason, RST enables you to boot in RAID mode. Additionally, support for Intel® OptaneTM H20 memory is included.

Unlocked SKUs like the i9-11980HK provide per-core voltage control and base clock tweaking, among other features.

Indeed, programs such as Intel® Speed Optimizer can overclock your system for you, while technologies such as Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 automatically identify and boost the best cores.

When it comes to connection, ThunderboltTM 4’s insanely high bandwidth allows external GPUs and daisy-chained RAID arrays, not to mention 4K displays with a high refresh rate.

For wireless networks, Intel® KillerTM Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+) compatibility provides up to 75% reduced latency — ideal for multiplayer gaming — and approximately 3x faster throughput due to support for the less-crowded, higher-bandwidth 6 GHz frequency band.

05. Facilitates picture editing

This is particularly beneficial for content providers and artists. If you work with pictures, photo editing, or art, the newest 11th Gen. Intel core processor simplifies and streamlines the process.

The new chipset improves picture editing by 2.7x and video editing by 2x.

Along with enhanced capabilities and a better user experience, the platform will offer 8K 12B HDR and four simultaneous 4K HDR displays. This enabled you to work freely and without restriction in the future.

All of these features combine to provide a simple experience with enhanced content development.

06. Facilitates gameplay

Not only do the newest Intel processors benefit content makers, but they also benefit gamers.

It allows you to double the degree of gaming experience compared to prior versions.

The gadget enables you to have a twice-as-fast gaming experience, even in some of the most demanding titles such as Borderlands 3, New Dawn, and Hitman 2.

The inbuilt 1080p graphics on these devices greatly enhance the gaming experience. Apart from the newest processor, the Intel Iris Xe graphics deliver unparalleled gaming.

Outstanding Gaming and Productivity Results

In aggregate, the modifications promise one of the biggest generation-to-generation improvements in gaming and productivity performance in many decades.

Indeed, Intel® claims a 19% increase in multi-threaded performance and that the 11th Gen is the fastest single-threaded mobile processor in the world. Additionally, certain SKUs may be overclocked.

While modern games are increasingly tuned for multi-core processors, single-threaded performance remains paramount, and Tiger Lake’s ability to recognize and boost the fastest cores separately aids in this endeavor.

Naturally, power users may further adjust the performance using applications such as Intel®XTU (Xtreme Tuning Utility).

GPUs now have approximately double the bandwidth they had previously, thanks to native support for 20 PCIe Gen 4 lanes.

This substantially benefits features such as resizable BAR — which grants processors entire access to a GPU’s VRAM cache. The same is true for PCIe-based SSD storage, which currently supports devices capable of reaching 5,000 MBps.

07. The new Intel Evo platform is unveiled


The majority of the current laptop releases have the Intel Evo platform, which is powered by sophisticated 11th Gen Intel core processors.

It is the second edition of the Project Athena innovation initiative, which has showcased some very remarkable and innovative items that have enhanced consumer usage.

Professionals have worked extensively to eliminate distractions from gadgets in order to ensure continuous responsiveness and seamless performance.

If you’re always annoyed by the cables and power cords that protrude from laptops, these new products address that issue as well.

08. Increased immersion

Each new and sophisticated Intel innovation enhances the user experience.

The introduction of the new chipset demonstrates the same.

This enables devices to deliver a more immersive user experience and reduce system-level power consumption by 20% as compared to prior-generation chipsets.

This extends the device’s battery life by up to an hour when extra video streaming is enabled on the platform.

09. Corresponds to real-world requirements

Intel’s newest core processors are designed with real-world processor requirements in mind.

It incorporates architecture derived from real-world settings, as well as a technique for testing and monitoring in real-time, which enables more assured usage.

Because all new devices containing the newest Intel Core processors are part of the Intel Evo series, you can be certain that they have been confirmed by specialists.

10. Enhanced experiences

Intel’s goal is to improve the user experience. Their most recent processor is also adequate for the task.

From constant responsiveness and enhanced battery life to instantaneous device wake-up, this chipset is designed to improve your entire user experience.

Additionally, the laptops include rapid charging, which enables over 4 hours of usage after 30 minutes of charging.

If you’re considering purchasing a gadget equipped with Intel’s newest 11th-generation core processors, we hope these tips prove useful.

Consider the benefits and decide for yourself whether or not these advanced features meet your needs.

FAQs on Reasons To Go With 11th-Gen Intel CPU Laptops

What’s the big deal about the Tiger-Lake H-series?

The two most significant enhancements to Intel’s Tiger Lake-H processors are the inclusion of a large 24 MB of L3 cache and compatibility with the newest PCIe Gen 4 standard for connecting GPUs and peripherals such as SSDs and WiFi modules.

Additionally, it offers higher data bandwidth and reduced latency to GPU cards and storage.

Increased multi-core clock speeds and integrated Thunderbolt 4 support offer I/O leadership to peripherals such as more displays, quicker external storage, fewer connections, and improved compatibility.

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