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How to Right Click on a Laptop [Easy Methods]

How to Right Click on a Laptop

Right-clicking is self-explanatory with a mouse: simply hit the button on the right.

However, mouse operations on laptops and their touchpads may not be as obvious, and understanding how to right-click on a laptop is quite useful since there are alternatives that you may use if you are unable to utilize the right-click button.

While this may seem trivial, there are several instances in which understanding alternate ways to right-click on a laptop may be useful.

For instance, if your touchpad is not functioning properly, you may feel annoyed when you are unable to access an item’s further choices.

In any instance, to right-click on a laptop, you must tap a specific location on the touchpad or use a combination of keys.

Continue reading to see exactly how many distinct ways there are to right-click!

What Is The Right-Click?

What Is The Right-Click

The right-click sometimes referred to as the RMB (right mouse button), is the action of pushing down on the right button of a mouse or touchpad.

When you right-click an object, extra options are displayed in the form of a drop-down menu, context menu, or jump list.

If you are left-handed and have altered your mouse buttons, the right click becomes a left click; nonetheless, the purpose remains the same.

On a Windows laptop, how to perform a right-click

On a Windows laptop, how to perform a right-click

While right-clicking on a laptop may seem unfamiliar at first, once you learn how the touchpad works, it becomes surprisingly simple. If your laptop has two buttons beneath the touchpad, click on the right button to perform a right-click.

Alternatively, if there are no buttons, just push the touchpad’s bottom-right corner as if it were a mouse button.

How to configure the touchpad on a Windows laptop

To activate or relocate the right-click action, you must navigate to the touchpad’s settings menu:

  • Start typing “touchpad” in the Start menu.
  • Because the touchpad is frequently manufactured by the hardware manufacturer Synaptics, you’ll need to click the Synaptics TouchPad menu option.
  • Navigate to the Clickpad Settings.
  • Select either “Two-Finger Tap” or “Three-Finger Tap” under “Tapping.”
  • To specify the desired action, i.e. right-click, click the gear symbol.

Another solution, if your touchpad was not manufactured by Synaptics, is as follows:

  • To launch the Settings window, simultaneously press the Windows logo key and the letter I on your keyboard.
  • Navigate to Devices
  • Select the Touchpad tab and, in the results panel, check the option “Right-click by pressing the touchpad’s bottom right corner.”

How to Right Click on Windows without Using a Touchpad

If the right-click function on your touchpad is not working for whatever reason, do not despair! You can right-click on an object by selecting it and then using the keyboard shortcut Shift+F10 or the Menu key to perform the right-click function.

How to Perform a Right Click on a MacBook Pro

How to Perform a Right Click on a MacBook Pro

The touchpad on a MacBook is unique in comparison to that on a Windows-based laptop, as it is completely devoid of buttons.

Additionally, because the entire touchpad is one large clickable button, it might be tough to figure out how to right-click.

On a MacBook, there are three ways to right-click:

  1. To initiate the location-based right-click, press the touchpad’s bottom-right corner.
  2. To activate the multi-finger right-click, touch any region of the touchpad with two fingers at the same time.
  3. To right-click, press and hold the “Control” key and click anywhere on the touchpad with one finger.

How to customize the touchpad on a MacBook

To adjust or activate right-click functionality on a MacBook, navigate to System Preferences:

From the Apple menu, select “System Preferences.”

Click “Trackpad.”

On the “Point & Click” menu, adjust the “Secondary click” setting to your preference. Here, you may choose whether the right-click should occur in the bottom-right or bottom-left corner of your touchpad.

On a Chromebook, how to perform a right-click

Because Chromebooks lack buttons, right-clicking may not be as intuitive as it is on more traditional laptops.

Simply tap or press the touchpad with two fingers to right-click on a Chromebook.

FAQs on How to Right-Click on a Laptop

How do I right-click using the keyboard rather than the mouse/touchpad?

To activate Mouse Keys, navigate to System Settings.
To launch the Settings window, simultaneously press the Windows logo key and the letter I on your keyboard.

To begin, navigate to Ease of Access.
Scroll down the left side panel until you reach “Mouse” under Interaction settings.
Activate Mouse Keys.

Why isn’t my laptop’s right-click button working?

To operate effectively, your laptop’s touchpad requires the appropriate drivers. Corrupted or out-of-date drivers will cause your touchpad and buttons to malfunction.

While Windows updates these drivers automatically, it is possible that you have the updates disabled or that the files get damaged or installed wrongly. In these instances, navigate to Windows’ Support Center and update or reinstall the touchpad drivers.

Conclusion on How to Right-Click on a Laptop

While right-clicking is a necessary function of any computer, unless you have a mouse, it can be challenging to learn how to perform it (How to Right Click on a Laptop).

Fortunately, we’ve compiled this post to demonstrate numerous methods. From key combinations to customizing the action, you’re certain to find an answer here!

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