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Why Are MacBooks So Expensive? [Top 9 Reasons]

Why Are MacBooks So Expensive?

Are you considering purchasing a Macbook but are put off by the price? Read on to find out why are MacBooks so expensive.

I’m sure you’ve “wanted” a Macbook at some point.

It’s a fantastic tablet with a plethora of user-friendly features.

The build quality is superb, and it has a really premium feel to it. The PREMIUM FEEL, ON THE OTHER HAND, COMES AT A PREMIUM PRICE.

Apple Macbooks are EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE. But why is this so?

Some would argue that it is due to the construction quality.

For me, the Mac OS is what propels Apple computers into the high-end market. The cost is simply increased by the lifespan and user experience.

Learn more about the wonderful features that drive the expensive price of Macs.

Do Macbooks Use More Expensive Components?

Yes and no are the answers.

No, since it’s not only because of a few expensive pieces. Not all of the additional costs may be ascribed to either hardware or software.

But, YES, your Apple Macbooks have parts and features with greater specifications and, as a result, higher pricing.

Here are some of the components that contribute to your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air becoming a high-end product in the computer business.

Keyboard and trackpad

Many Mac users like the Macbook for its classic, sleek design.

My favorite features, though, are the keyboard and trackpad.

The keyboard has a lush and silky feel to it. I really like how typing on the Mac feels. It’s SMOOTH, SOFT, and a JOY to use, even for long periods.

The trackpad, on the other hand, is just UNBELIEVABLE.

I’d go so far as to claim that no other Windows computer will ever match Apple’s trackpad’s accuracy, smoothness, and sensitivity.

The high-performance trackpad, on the other hand, COSTS A LOT MORE MONEY TO MAKE.

It can adjust to your laptop while you work because it is pressure-sensitive. It’s a fantastic find for such a small laptop.

Apple clearly has the upper hand in this area.

Even with a more expensive non-Apple laptop, you’re unlikely to find the same functionality.


Older generations of Macbooks have long had non-removable batteries. This was before they were available on Windows laptops.

Non-removable batteries used to be difficult to replace, both in terms of work and expense.

Customers quickly understood, however, that the personalized, built-to-fit Macbook batteries were as high-end as they could get.

It lasts a long time, is light, and is strong.


However, the battery life makes it WORTH IT. Long battery life allows you to get more out of your smartphone.

It will also not decay as quickly. You would have used it to its full potential by the time you needed to replace it.

Dell, HP, Lenovo, and other Windows laptop manufacturers are increasingly using built-in batteries.

That’s how you know it’s worth the additional money.

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Every Apple laptop now has a gorgeous and sophisticated metallic coating that makes it appear more expensive than ever.

Some customers will even purchase a Macbook for this reason alone.


The casing for the Apple laptop is composed of metal and is EXPENSIVE. This is one of the major causes of the increased cost.

Aluminum gives your laptop TOUGHNESS AND DURABILITY. You should still avoid dropping your computer, but if you do, it’s not the worst thing that may happen.

Aluminum also contributes to the light weightness of your Macbook laptop.

I despise carrying around bulky equipment.

The mobility of the Macbook is entirely down to the raw material of its components. You’ll get the most out of your computer since you can take it with you everywhere you go.

Hard Drive Capacity

Typically, the added features are what make a Macbook expensive. To be honest, I adore these (except for the price tag)!

However, there is one component of Apple goods that I absolutely despise.

Increasing the hard disk capacity on your iPhones or Macs will make you very impoverished very quickly.

The difference in pricing between a 128GB and a 250GB Macbook Pro is RIDICULOUS.

Most of the time, you’ll have to make do with less than you require.

Paying for quality seems obvious, but why do I have to pay so much for a little extra storage?

This does not occur just on the Macbook. Purchasing a larger capacity iPhone or iPad will result in A BIG HEADACHE and AN EMPTY POCKET.

For the same money, you can get Windows computers with 1 TB of storage. Are you reconsidering now?

Why Are Macbooks So Expensive?

Again, it’s not just about the high-priced components. Most people would tell you that the price of a Macbook comes from somewhere other than the parts.

Some individuals believe Apple’s products are expensive.

It’s a widely held belief. But why is that?


What has distinguished Apple for many years is the UNIQUE NICHE it has occupied in both the mobile phone and laptop markets.

Apple goods are noted for their opulence. The majority of their items are in the high-end market. What effect does this form of marketing have?


It’s straightforward. The considerable market price is due to high demand.

People’s innate desire to be a part of the exclusive circle ensures that every Apple product remains in great demand.

This continues indefinitely, ultimately becoming a cycle.

People are attracted and interested because Apple items are expensive. Apple then continues to offer Macbooks at the prices that customers are ready to pay.

Popularity and a Good Reputation

Both demand and service contribute to the company’s popularity and reputation.

The popularity of the Macbook as a personal computer is due to its high demand. Popularity influences demand, and popularity produces even more demand!

However, Apple is not just concerned with global recognition.

To be honest, I buy Macbooks and other Apple items because of the EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They guarantee high construction quality and a high-grade product.

When it breaks, Apple goes above and beyond to assist you in troubleshooting your machines.

That, in my opinion, is the REAL TEST of a brand and its quality!

If your iPhone or laptop is found to be really defective, they will even give you a brand-new* replacement.

*If your Apple gadget is still under warranty, they will normally send you a fresh new one. You must also ensure that the item is not physically damaged.

Price and Upgradability

Even years after their release, Apple items have a high value. Why?

There is no simple answer to this. It might be the product’s DURABILITY or QUALITY. Some may argue that it is the CONSTANT DEMAND FOR MACBOOKS.

However, I believe the true reason it retains value is due to the software.

The Mac OS is Steve Jobs’ true crowning achievement.

Even if you bought your Macbook years ago, you can still upgrade it for free. It stops your Macbook from becoming sluggish and allows you to keep up with current technologies.

A four-year-old Macbook is likely to be able to run Mac OS X with the most recent version!

If you don’t want to keep your old Macbook, you may sell it for more than half its original price. You can buy a new Apple laptop without needing to spend a lot of money.

If you’ve ever owned a computer, you’ll know that the value depreciates quickly as technology advances.

What’s Unique About a Macbook?

This is no longer news.

The Macbook Pro has always occupied a distinct market segment.

Even after years of architectural revisions and modernization, it has managed to maintain its distinct appearance. In a room full of laptops, a Macbook is easy to detect.

You won’t be able to accomplish it as simply on a Windows laptop.

Aside from the iconic design of Macbooks, here are some of the key features that distinguish a Mac from a Windows laptop.

The Apple Tax

Many individuals are perplexed by this. Is there an Apple tax?


But it is NOT the tax that I am familiar with. It’s just a word used to describe the premium price you must pay for Apple items.

System of Operations
Apple has developed its own operating system. Even before the renowned M1 CPU was available, the MacOS had received acclaim.

The operating system in your Macbook is in charge of how simple it is to operate. When compared to an inexpensive laptop on the market, the intuitive nature of Macs makes it genuinely one-of-a-kind.

The continual updating in both Macbooks and iPhones keeps your gadget “fresh” for a longer period of time.

If the improvements aren’t enough to entice you, perhaps the security will.

The security features built into Mac OS make it harder for viruses to infiltrate the system. There’s no need to worry about sticking your USB every time.


I realize I’ve previously shared a number of my favorites. However, the Apple ecosystem is what actually makes it a success.

Do you own a Mac Mini, an iPad, or an iPhone?

If you do, your gadgets will communicate SEAMLESSLY. Transferring files and mirroring displays is simple and painless.

When you possess one Apple gadget, the intuitive ecosystem forces you to buy another.

Having more than one Apple device also increases security. Logging into your accounts will necessitate the use of another Apple device for authentication.

When a thief tries to access your accounts from your smartphone, you’ll be informed.

Conclusion on Why Are MacBooks So Expensive

A MacBook is not expensive. I know it, you know it, and the rest of the world knows it.

It may be TERRIFYING. But I hope this essay has helped you understand why you need to spend so much money on a laptop.

Now that you know why a Macbook may be so expensive, the question is no longer “Why?”

Is it worth it to buy a Macbook?

Consider WHY YOU NEED A LAPTOP. If the Macbook fulfills your description, it is unquestionably a device worth considering!

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