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How Long do Apple MacBooks Last? [Solved]

How Long do Apple MacBooks Last?

Apple offers a LARGE variety of Apple products; in fact, it’s a much-anticipated event!

Apple’s most well-known products are the Apple laptop, the MacBook, the Apple Watch, the Apple television, and the iPhone.

Originally, the Apple corporation was recognized for its Apple computers. MacBooks are often second or third in sales at each Apple shop.

In 2023, around 20 million Mac and MacBook machines will be shipped. The age-old issue regarding most Macs is how long they will endure.

There will come a time when older MacBook models must be retired or put aside to make room for a new MacBook.

How Long Do MacBooks That Are Properly Maintained Last?

The lifespan of a MacBook is determined by how frequently it is used.

For instance, a user may use a Mac to edit videos, and photos, or perform other simple operations.

My MacBook Pro is used for virtually everything. Without my MacBook Pro, activities such as viewing films, working, and learning would be impossible. This mac pro is the center of my universe.

I can provide a common solution to this query to fellow Mac users of 7.2 years. Bear in mind that 7.2 years is a rough estimate of how long a MacBook will survive.

Certain Mac models, such as the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, the Mac mini, and the iMac Pro, may have a longer life expectancy than others.

I’ve individually listed each model along with its expected lifespan.

Models of MacBook Air

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On average, MacBook Air models endure between five and seven years.

If a MacBook Air is only used for casual surfing and study, it is expected to last seven years.

When utilized for online surfing, a MacBook Air will last LONGER than other computers. The Apple MacBook Air’s longevity is partly determined by how it is utilized.

Your MacBook Air may slow down slightly after four to seven years. Your Mac’s battery may need to be replaced within the next year.

After a while, you’ll find yourself eying Apple’s latest models.

For Serious Users
For heavy users of later MacBook Air models, the Apple laptop’s lifespan can be extended to four to six years.

Photo editing activities, internet gaming, and video editing are all examples of high usage.

If you plan on doing a lot of work, the new MacBook Pro is the superior alternative, as it is designed for heavy-duty use.

For Users of Moderate Strength
Searching on the web browser, viewing YouTube, and scrolling through social media are all examples of light usage.

If you utilize your MacBook Air only for this purpose, it can survive up to seven years.

Models of the MacBook Pro

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After investing in such a piece of expensive equipment, it seems insane to move to a new laptop.

Fortunately, the Apple MacBook Pro lasts between five and eight years.

While extending the life of the MacBook Pro is conceivable, there is no assurance that it will work as smoothly as the first time.

Throughout this five to eight-year span, the most common issue that will arise, and one that I have personally faced, is updating to macOS upgrades.

The Apple MacBook Pro’s longevity is also determined by its usage.

For Serious Users
Apple MacBook Pro models typically survive between four and five years with intensive use.

During this time frame, your MacBook Pro will begin to slow down. Your Macbook Pro’s retina display, which Apple products are known for, will also be long gone.

Additionally, your MacBook Pro battery will degrade with each usage.

You’ll then need to locate an Apple service provider to replace the battery in your MacBook Pro.

Believe me when I tell you that replacing a MacBook battery will almost certainly cost you a fortune as well.

For Users of Moderate Strength
Apple MacBook Pros often survive an average of eight years when used sparingly.

Even if your Apple MacBook Pro lasts this long, it does not guarantee it will be free of troubles; it will.

An older Mac, whether regularly used or not, may suffer similar issues, such as the inability to run the newest operating system and dwindling battery life on the MacBook.

Models of the Mac Mini

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A Mac Mini may survive between three and five years.

In 2006, Apple offered Intel CPUs in lieu of a laptop.

These are compatible with iMac models, particularly if you wish to update the RAM on a later iMac to improve its operating system.

For Serious Users
The Apple Mac mini is a powerful computer that consumes little electricity.

Therefore, if you are developing graphic designs or performing other time-consuming jobs, it will most likely last you no more than four years.

For Users of Moderate Strength
For light MacBook users, the Mac mini versions can last up to five years.

Additionally, there are methods for extending the life of your new Mac. Upgrade to a faster CPU and a larger hard drive are two choices.

You’ll see that the lifespan of earlier Mac models is negligible in comparison to the tiny Mac models.

Models of the iMac Pro

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iMac models typically survive between three and eight years.

The reason why the iMac and even subsequent iMac models live as long as they do is that they are upgradeable, in comparison to a MacBook Pro or a Mac Air.

For Serious Users
These Macs have a life expectancy of three to eight years due to the way they were constructed. Having said that, if you make the necessary improvements, it should survive that long.

For Users of Moderate Strength
If you are a light user, upgrading the Mac is usually unnecessary. You may keep it as-is and it will still last you at least eight years!

The only distinction between heavy and light users is when the Mac requires an upgrade.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Mac Macs have a limited lifespan.

Dealing with earlier versions of the operating system, or “vintage Macs,” as some refer to them, is not going to be worthwhile in the long term.

Purchasing a new Mac is a BETTER alternative than attempting to resuscitate an old MacBook daily.

If your Mac ticks at least one of these, it’s time to say goodbye.

Your MacBook Is Inadequately Stored
Limited storage capacity is a problem I have with my Mac, as well as one that new and experienced Mac users have.

The frequent reminder that appears on the upper right screen of my Mac reminds me that it’s time to delete some of my files to make room for new ones.

All Macs, whether they be later MacBook Pro models, Mac Airs, or iMacs, receive software upgrades.

These software updates are for your Mac’s operating system, and yes, they do take up space.

As technology improves, there will always be an URGENCY for upgrades.

Your MacBook’s battery life is depleting too quickly

Your MacBook Pro and other Mac models come equipped with an integrated cycle counter.

A cycle count is calculated by fully charging a battery and then totally discharging it.

For instance, suppose you left your Mac plugged in all night. When you used it the next day, you completely drained it. That is one cycle.

Once each cycle count is achieved, the battery must be changed to a new one to restore its original performance.

The batteries in MacBook Pros and other Mac models degrade with time. If you are always on the go, this can be a major issue, especially if there is no nearby outlet.

The following are the techniques I take to accurately determine the cycle count of my MacBook Pro:

  1. Access the system’s configuration data. To do so, press and hold the option key while clicking the Apple logo.
  2. Navigate to the hardware section. Select power from the pane to display the cycle count.

If your MacBook Pro or other Mac model has beyond the recommended cycle count, it’s past time to upgrade to more powerful and responsive software.

Your MacBook Is Incapable of Upgrading to the latest Mac OS

The following are many macOS versions that are or may be widely accessible for your Mac and mine:

  1. Catalina is the macOS version.
  2. macOS Sierra Big Sur.
  3. Monterey for macOS (the latest version of macOS).
  4. Silicone Apple.

Because these versions of macOS consume so much space on your Mac Pro models, it’s fair to conclude that you should upgrade your Mac.

Your Mac’s model determines whether you’ll be able to upgrade to the newest macOS.

It is not necessarily a reason for panic if you are unable to do so, but the program will become less responsive.

Apple service companies will also NOT SERVICE outdated Macs, thus there is no reason to keep your old MacBook.

Your MacBook’s Hardware Has Been Damaged

While there is no shame in displaying minor scratches on your Mac, excessive damage will shorten the life of your computer.

This is one of the MOST OBVIOUS reasons to upgrade your Mac.

Physical damage to the Mac can have a detrimental effect on its software. You may encounter defective damage such as static lines on the screen and glitching.

These little faults might escalate into something major in the future if you continue to use them, and resolving them with third-party software would do nothing.

To ensure that you can create the high-quality and timely results required for business or school, it’s usually a good idea to invest in a new Mac model.

Your MacBook’s Operating System Is Insecure

If you are unable to run many applications concurrently, this indicates that your Mac’s RAM is progressively degrading.

This is natural, but it may become bothersome over time due to the fact that your failure to multitask well might result in a significant setback.


Even if it is a single component, it may accumulate into a slew of ailments that can eventually destroy your Mac.

If you’re using an older MacBook and are noticing this, do yourself a favor and get a new one.

How to Verify the Warranty and Apple Care on Your MacBook Models

There are two methods for determining the warranty status of your MacBook and Apple Care+.

You may access this feature by visiting https://checkcoverage.apple.com/ or by clicking on the little Apple logo in the upper left corner of your screen.

I’ll walk you through the three basic procedures necessary to determine your Mac’s warranty coverage. This is a critical step in extending the life of your Mac!

  1. Pinch the Apple Symbol with Your Cursor
    The little Apple logo appears in the upper left corner of your screen. When you click this, you’ll see a slew of tabs appear beneath it.
  2. Select About This Mac from the menu.
    Once the tabs are open, select the “About this Mac” button.
  3. Next, click the Service tab.
    After clicking that tab, a new window will appear on your screen. Locate and on the service tab.

Once you’ve gained access to it, you can now read the warranty information for your MacBook!

FAQs on How Long Do Apple MacBooks Last?

The following are some commonly asked questions concerning the MacBook’s longevity.

Qus: Can My MacBook Pro Survive a Decade?

Ans: The average MacBook Pro has a lifetime of 5 to 8 years. However, with proper protection and software updates, your MacBook Pro may survive a decade!
To EXTEND the life of your MacBook Pro, prevent spills, and carry it about in a laptop case to avoid dropping it.

Any of these events might have a detrimental effect on the laptop’s overall look and function.

Bear in mind that even if it lasts ten years, it is NOT guaranteed to run the most recent software.

You’ll notice a steady decrease in your laptop’s software capabilities over time.

Qus: Why Are Macs So Durable?

Ans: The MAIN reason Macs survive so long is that they are built with superior technology and optimized to accomplish the fundamental and intense activities that an ordinary person performs throughout the day.

Additionally, macs remain current and can maintain their performance for years for the following reasons:


MacBooks’ operating systems are continually updated to improve software performance.
There is a BUILT-IN ANTI-VIRUS mechanism that guards against virus infection.
Apple’s warranty team is comprised of technicians who are experts in their industry.

Qus: Is a MacBook Reliable?

Ans: As I enter my fifth year of owning a MacBook, I can unequivocally state that it is DURABLE.

I’ve fallen on my MacBook Pro three times in the last five years, and despite minor dents and cracks to the frame, it still works.

A MacBook’s hard disk is also quite robust. These models make use of a conventional disk drive, which is more dependable than a conventional hard disk drive.

What you need to watch out for is your MacBook’s screen. It is your computer’s MOST FRAGILE component.

Apple removed the protective covering of glass from the screen while designing the Macbook Pro with a retina display.

As a result, there is a significant danger of screen damage.

Qus: Why Are MacBook Users Preferable?

Ans: Apple has a lengthy history in the technology business.
What makes the MacBook appealing is how sleek it appears despite its simplistic design.

The Apple brand alone is enough to convince consumers to purchase their latest technology products, one of which is the MacBook.

Apart from the Apple brand, customers purchase Macs for their durability. On average, Mac laptops and desktop computers survive eight years.
This is sufficient time to maximize the value of your pricey laptop purchase.

Qus: How Often Are Macs Updated?

Ans: Each macOS version is updated every three years.
Thus, a regular macOS installation will last for 2-3 years, or until security upgrades are applied.

After that, your Mac will be unable to get any more upgrades due to the hardware’s obsolescence.

This is because as your laptop’s hardware ages, it becomes incapable of supporting more complex programs.

Conclusion on How Long Do Apple MacBooks Last

In general, Mac’s lifespan is rather long.

On average, you may continue to use yours for seven years before completely replacing it.

During those seven years, you may extend your laptop’s life and performance by taking appropriate care of it and downloading important updates.

It assists in ensuring that your laptop is current and performs optimally!

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