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How to Make Your Laptop Last Forever?

How to Make Your Laptop Last Forever

We all know how expensive the best laptops are today.

Some of us can hardly afford it, and no one wants grades, homework, or projects during the semester. So we want to make our laptop last longer.

We’ve put together a final checklist for your laptop to work in school.

It is not possible to include all of these steps, but try to make most of them a good habit. The following skills are listed in order of difficulty.

If you can follow most laptops, your laptop will go to your graduate school with you.

Do not eat or drink near your laptop

laptop with Coffee

Also, do not store food or drink near your laptop.

Not only does the keyboard have to pay for this, but it also needs just a drop of liquid to damage the motherboard.

In this case, please turn off the power immediately, wait a few hours, and then turn it on again.

Cover it properly

microfiber keyboard protector for laptop

Cover with a cloth to avoid dust and debris particles when not in use.

keep your laptop Cool

If you hit your laptop using the 20-page essay task or have high software requirements, you will feel that your laptop is starting to overheat or grow.

Move to a cool location and avoid direct sunlight before melting the components with heat.

Keep it clean

Clean Laptop

Use compressed air once a month to blow off the dust on keyboards, fans, and radiators.

Turn off immediately

Please do not leave your computer on for several days or put it on a shelf. Just like that, leave it overnight. Hibernate mode is a better choice for resting your laptop and it will last longer.

Do not close and operate smoothly

I know I told you to turn it off, but every time I do this, the laptop component becomes expensive and will soon appear.

So don’t overuse it. I think your laptop is like a human, but do you think it’s good to stay up at night?

Hibernate instead of sleep

Suppose you’re using browser tabs, digital textbooks, or videos to process essential documents but need to take a break or use your laptop for other operations.

If you’re not sure if you’ll be back soon, set it to “Hibernate.” In this way, you can rest your laptop’s components.

When you return to your laptop, your laptop will resume working and complete the test where it was interrupted.

Turn off your laptop properly

Mobile on laptop keyboard

There is not much to say here. Place your mobile phone on the keyboard and turn off the laptop to ensure that the screen will be gone.

Screen replacement is usually as expensive as a new laptop.

Put your laptop in hibernate mode before going to class or home.

Before you go home or go to class, put your laptop to hibernate instead of sleeping.

Let your laptop get the rest you need, and turn it all on before you start working.

Could you keep him?

Safely pack your laptop

Laptop with backpack

Keep your laptop in a stable and cool place when arriving or moving to campus to attend meetings.

Use a padded laptop case to absorb all daytime vibrations and movements and prevent damage to dust particles.

Avoid wearing beautiful sporting bags

laptop using beside bag

Avoid using laptop protective covers with an attractive look to bring expensive laptops to thieves.

Pack the power cord properly

Whether you wrap or pack the cable, make sure that the contact between the cable and the charger is not stressed. Avoid excessive rotation, pushing, and bending.

Reserve storage space on your hard drive

Try removing the useless files and software, or simply move it to your external hard drive.

Not only does this improve laptop performance, but it also reduces the heat generated when performing everyday tasks.

Laptops have a complete storage device that works hard to create excessive heat and quickly deteriorates.

Empty the trash every day.

Recyle bin

This allows you to close unnecessary used space.

As mentioned earlier, full-capacity hard drives generate unwanted heat and shorten the life of your notebook computer. Everything helps.

It takes a little time to delete the CD and flash drive

I can’t wait to make sure my computer is ready.

Is it possible to remove the CD / USB? You have to pay a 2-3 second wait time, and the USB port will last forever.

Laptops without a USB port can be very useless.

Pre-run these updates

I think the renewal period has been postponed. This will keep your laptop in good condition.

If you don’t mind these updates on your computer, update them every time.

Keep your brother and the German shepherd away from your laptop Perform regular maintenance

laptop with dog

They dismantle your laptop faster than the nerd team’s skills.

Regular Maintenance from time to time

Suppose you are using a Windows computer. Defragment the running disk and clean it up manually.

It’s easy to click on the hard drive icon to get these options.

Maintain a stable power supply

There was a boom (not my school), but there was only one machine left on my laptop at my house.

According to them, the whole family isn’t worried about their electronics, but the company definitely replaces them. They are still waiting for it.

When you start hearing the storm trying to enter the computer lab to get the job done, turn it off.

Besides, surge protectors can be used to protect laptops from fried foods.

Drains the laptop battery

Drains the laptop battery

Do this from time to time to extend battery life. At least once a month.

Replacement of laptop battery

It doesn’t make sense to have a fully functional laptop that can be shut down in 2 hours.

If the battery is almost dead and does not work properly, replace the battery.

Remove the battery when not in use.

If you are not running an important project and your laptop is on, remove the battery and insert your laptop.

Why? The number of bicycles with batteries is limited so that they cannot be used before charging.

However, if you are working on an important project or document, make sure the battery is turned on.

You don’t want to miss all your work due to a power outage or the use of a power cord.

Upgrade your laptop hardware

hard disk ram computer notebook upgrade hardware

The better the laptop performance, the less load the system has to bear. Start with RAM and upgrade the upgradeable parts when cash becomes available.

This is the cheapest, and if you get a scholarship or a fair amount of allowance, you can buy an SSD. SSDs keep your laptop running fast.

If you can’t install it yourself, go to your IT department.

No problem, as they can do it for you. These components are not as difficult to update as connecting a USB controller.

Protect your laptop display from yourself

Do not point to the monitor after eating potato chips. Any engine oil can damage the screen.

Keep your screen clean and prevent harmful substances from accumulating on your screen.

Replace the indoor cooling fan and hard drive

Replace laptop indoor cooling fan

These are the most comfortable components to disassemble and are also crucial for your laptop’s long-term use.

If you think it is not working accurately, replace it as soon as possible.

Stay away from sticky websites and software downloads.

Malware and Viruses can be as destructive as accidentally dropping or spreading. They cannot be easily removed.

With high-quality antivirus software that is updated continuously, you can make sure you never find your way to your laptop.

However, the best way to keep them closed is to avoid navigating dangerous places.

Format factory every 6 months

Not only does this force a backup of your most important files and software, but it also cleans up all installed malware and software.

This allows the notebook computer to work smoothly without generating too much heat.

Repair anything that needs repair

If you get an error and the pop-up continues, or if the best laptop components are not working correctly, fix them.

Suppose you cannot contact your IT support department to perform this operation.

These small problems will eventually become big problems that cannot be fixed.

Get a good Warranty Service

Last but not least. If you have extra money, are generally too careless about electronics, or think you can’t follow any of these habits, you can get a guarantee I will.

Ensure you cover all unfortunate or unfortunate events on your laptop (keyboard damage, screen damage, loose interface, etc.).

Keep in mind that the warranty does not replace HDD files.

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