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How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume?

How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume

Most laptop users don’t have to worry about any particular factor.

If you are a curious person and want to know all the information about the best laptop, you have used over the years,

Or the energy consumption you plan to do, we can help you.

The answer is simple with just numbers. A typical 15-inch laptop consumes about 60 watts per hour.

But again, this is not the correct amount it will consume. Power consumption depends on many factors you do not know.

Load, screen brightness, running software, graphics card usage, etc. are all factors that can change power consumption.

Laptop Power Consumption: Factors

Laptop Power Consumption Factors

There may be a few things to consider before continuing to investigate the factors it depends on.

Every year, there are many brands that manufacture laptops.

To make better use of technology, the company is trying to create better machines with less power while maintaining the same performance as the laptops it uses.

Therefore, the type of laptop computer determines the power consumption.

With more external hardware, the more power you connect, the more power you consume.

Consider the factors that energy consumption depends on.

1. Laptop types [Gaming laptops and workstations use a lot of power]

 Laptop types [Gaming laptops and workstations use a lot of power]

One of the key factors that determine power consumption is the type of laptop you are using.

If you are using a normal laptop, it will consume about 60 watt-hours of power.

If it’s a gaming laptop or other high-end laptop, it’s more than that.

According to our laboratory tests, laptops are very hot and require a cooling pad to cool, as some models can exceed 100W per hour on average.

Similarly, if you want to charge such a laptop, the power of the laptop will increase.

2. CPU of Laptop

Compared to laptops with low-level CPUs or processors,

the power load is very reasonable when compared to powerful CPUs (such as those used by Intel i7 or Intel i9).

The reason behind it sounds simple.

If the processor does not work well, it will need more power to provide sufficient performance for the laptop, but a large CPU will consume very little power.

3. Graphic card of Laptop

Graphics cards have higher performance and higher power consumption.

For example, when playing high-end games, the GPU on a laptop computer provides a better view.

Most gaming laptops and workstations used for tasks such as machine learning and data science typically have high-end GPUs such as the RTX 3080, 3070, or 3060.

Laptops with high-end GPUs have high-end CPUs.

In most cases, it also comes with a high-quality screen, higher battery capacity, and more.

Therefore, they all consume a lot of energy.

This article has a dedicated section that discusses the power consumption of gaming laptops.

Buy a budget model with a budget 2-in-1 laptop or integrated graphics to consume less wattage.

4. Watt of adapter

  • Most 15.6-inch laptops are equipped with a 60W charging adapter.
  • Most 17-inch laptops are equipped with a 90W charging adapter.

If your laptop is equipped with a 60W adapter, it consumes watts when used.

So it consumes less power than the laptop that comes with the 90W adapter.

How many watts does a gaming laptop use?

How many watts does a gaming laptop use

All the features of gaming laptops are powerful and require a special combination of components.

So there are other major types of laptops that need special mention.

As a gamer, you can understand running some high-end games. The laptop must be the best in its class.

In addition, almost every gaming laptop is getting heavier because it’s all equipped.

These include powerful battery-powered processors and gaming laptops.

To check the power consumption of your gaming laptop, check the charger used.

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is one of the most popular gaming laptops, one of the best laptops in almost any laptop series, and has a 180W charger.

To check the power consumption of your gaming laptop, check the charger used.

The Acer Predator Helios 300 is one of the most popular gaming laptops, one of the best laptops in almost any laptop series, and has a 180W charger.

This means consuming at least 180 watts per hour.

How many watts does the Apple MacBook consume?

For MacBook users,

it’s important to know that a typical 13-inch MacBook Pro consumes 61 watts of power from a charger, and a 15-inch MacBook consumes 87 watts per hour.

Based on the above assumptions, you can easily calculate the cost of electricity consumed daily and weekly.

The average power consumption of the MacBook is 61Wh, or 0.061kW, which runs about 10 hours a day,

Cost 7.32 cents, for a total of 51.24 cents a week (12 CW / kWh of electricity cost).

How to reduce the power consumption of your laptop computer

If you already know the power consumption level of your laptop and are very dissatisfied with the results, you need to consider some ways to reduce power consumption.

I’ve tested several methods for laptops, but you can try many.

  1. Be sure to unplug your laptop when it is fully charged.
  2. Do not overcharge your laptop. It consumes the battery and consumes more power in the process.
  3. When the battery is 10%, connect the charger. Don’t wait for it to close. This process consumes battery power and requires additional energy to consume more power.
  4. Purchase a cooling pad to keep your laptop cool while charging.
  5. To reduce consumption, allow your computer to cool before you start operation.
  6. Upgrade your processor and other hardware to avoid stress on your system.
  7. Be sure to use our genuine charger.

It can also consume a lot of other energy.

The high brightness of the screen consumes a lot of power.

You can avoid this by shortening the screen when you don’t need it, and you can also protect your eyes.

How to calculate the wattage consumed by a laptop?

Ultimately, this all leads to know some ways to calculate the actual wattage of your laptop.

Or you can learn about laptop charger power consumption and other factors.

Alternatively, use the power usage monitor to determine the power consumed by your laptop.

1. Manual calculation

For each laptop, you can easily calculate the approximate user power consumption level of the laptop and consider the energy (adapter power) used to charge the laptop.

If you need more accurate numbers, you may need to include others.

As mentioned for the Acer Predator laptop, there are charging adapters that can provide consumers with 180 watts of power per hour.

Besides, some of the key components that increase overall power consumption are the computer’s CPU and GPU.

On most systems, it’s easy to find Intel processors, NVIDIA, and even AMD graphics cards.

You can search the official website for the power consumed by these components, or open the back panel to make sure it is 100% safe.

Generally, CPU power consumption ranges from 45W to 50W, while GPU power consumption ranges from 75W to 80W.

The combination of the two usually increases the power consumption of the notebook computer.

Over 10-15%, this is just an average and can be very high depending on the type of component used.

Also, when it comes to screen brightness, the maximum brightness is 0.5W to 15W per hour.

Other components such as SSD / HDD are RAM, but these are some components that need attention. please wait.

You may not be able to get the exact number manually, but you will get an approximate value for the original idea.

And, as you know, it uses about 60 watts of power. This is equivalent to 0.06kWh.

This means that if you use your laptop for about 8 hours a day,

it will take 6.76 cents a day to run your laptop (taking into account the average unit energy cost of 12 cents / kWh).

2. Electricity Usage: The Calculation

You can use the electricity usage monitor for more accurate calculations.

The device can be used over a wall outlet to find out the wattage used when charging your laptop.

This is all because all the power consumed comes from the same outlet and the results are shown on the display within seconds.

In fact, you can also use this device with other devices in your home.

It may not be necessary, but curiosity allows you to do incredible things.

To use it, simply place the device in a wall socket and connect the charger to the device.

This will start reading power from the charger plug. It usually displays about 60W of power, which is the wattage of the charger.

Similarly, when the laptop is charged and the battery is fully charged.

Now you can determine how much power your laptop battery consumes for its components.

In addition, the device also helps you calculate the total energy consumption of your notebook computer.

This handy gadget is easily available on the e-commerce website. You can also learn about laptops and other gadgets.

FAQs on How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume?

Does a laptop consume less energy than a PC?

Laptops have many components, so there is no doubt that they consume less power than PCs.

In fact, there are many types of laptops that consume more power than entry-level laptops. Now let’s take a look at the power consumed by laptops and their influencing factors.

Is the Laptop Wattage Differ for different brands such as Acer, Dell, ASUS, HP, etc.?

It doesn’t matter which brand your laptop belongs to. The rules for using watts are the same regardless of HP, Lenovo, DELL, ASUS, Acer, MSI, Razor Blade, etc.

The higher the laptop specifications and GPU, the higher the consumption. However, if the specifications of the two brands of notebook computers are similar, the power difference is not that great.

Gaming Laptop wattage vs. Basic Laptop wattage: Which is more?

Obviously, WhatsApp for gaming laptops is more than just a low-end entry-level machine.

It has better screen quality, higher graphics, higher adapter power, higher CPU, etc.

How many watts does a 15.6-inch laptop consume?

We tested the specifications of about 239 models and found that an average 15.6-inch laptop consumes about 60 watts of power.

Laptop Wattage in 17-inch Machines?

We tested 173 different 17-inch model specifications and found that most laptops consume an average of 90 watts.

Conclusion on How Many Watts Does a Laptop Consume?

Finally, let’s take a look at a brief summary of laptop power consumption.

Laptops typically consume 60W of power when charging and rely heavily on other components during use.

It is better to use some devices to learn watts using a laptop than to perform a manual process.

The processes involved can give accurate results and can be confusing.

If you just need an idea, you can spend your time and your brain.

However, if you need results that are relevant to your goals, be sure to use an electricity usage monitor to get accurate results.

Otherwise, you always tell us about your laptop’s power consumption. We will try to save power.

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