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How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell? [Easy process]

How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell

If you need help with your computer or want to find parts that work with it, you may need to find your Dell model number.

You can find the model number of your Dell laptop on the label that says “Dell” on the bottom of the computer.

You can also check it on the boot screen, in the Windows System Information utility, or on the Dell support website.

Find the label with the laptop’s name on it.

Most Dell laptops have a label on the bottom that says who made it.

On the label, there are several certification logos, the place where the laptop was made, the amount of power it needs, and the laptop’s family name and model numbers, such as Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Studio, Vostro, or XPS. Find the name of your laptop’s family.

Your model number is right next to the name of your laptop’s family.

Check out the Power On Screen.

You might also be able to find the model number when you turn on the laptop or restart it.

On many Dell laptops, the family name and model number are shown on the first screen that comes up before the operating system starts.

Through Windows, Dell Model Number

The Windows System Information utility shows detailed information about the laptop, including the laptop’s model number.

Step 1: Go to System Information.

In the field next to your Windows Start menu, type “System Information.” When the utility shows up in the search results, you can choose to run it.

Step 2: Look at information about the system. In the navigation pane, click System Summary.

The name of the laptop family and the Dell model number is shown in the System Model field.

Dell Support Website

On the Dell Support website, you can enter your Service Tag number or, if you don’t have your Service Tag, run the Dell System Detect Utility to find out your model number.

Step 1: find your service tag.

Find the label with the service tag on the bottom of your laptop. The Service Tag is made up of both letters and numbers, while the Express Service Code is only made up of numbers.

Step 2: Type in your service number.

Open the Dell Support website and type the Service Tag from the label into the Enter a Service Tag or Express Service Code field. Click the button “Submit.”

After a short wait, the website shows the family of your laptop, the Dell model number, the Service Tag, and the Express Service Code.

Dell System Detect Utility

Here are the steps you need to take to get the System Detect Utility and run it.

Step 1: Go to the main page for Dell support.

Go to Dell’s website and look for the Support section.

Step 2: Let your product find itself

If you scroll down the page, you’ll find a choice that says, “What product can we help you with?” This should show a Download and Install SupportAssist button.

Step 3: Save the Dell SupportAssist application to your computer.

Check the box that says “I have read and agree to the SupportAssist Terms and Conditions” and then click the Download button. When asked if you want to download the app, click “Yes” to keep the download going.

After the program runs on your laptop, the Dell support Web page should be updated to show information about your laptop, such as the laptop’s family name and Dell model number.

The next option is to check your laptop’s BIOS.

You can also look at the BIOS of your laptop to find out what model it is. The words “basic input/output system” is what BIOS stands for.

When you turn on your laptop, this system starts up first. It has to check the hardware to see if it is working properly. After making sure the hardware is in good shape, it now lets the window open.

You don’t need Windows to use the BIOS to check out your system. Without Windows, it’s easy to get information about your laptop from the BIOS.

To find your laptop’s model number in the BIOS, you need to take the following steps:

First, make sure your laptop is on.

Now you need to act right away. As soon as you see the Dell logo on the screen, press the F2 key. You will now go to the BIOS. When do the windows open? To get to the BIOS again, you have to restart your laptop.

The model number of the laptop is easy to find in the menu title.

When the Serial Number Is Needed

No longer is knowing the brand of your laptop enough. Because there are so many different brands and lines of laptops, it’s important to know the exact model number.

The model number is a unique set of numbers that can help you get the right help, check the warranty, buy compatible parts, or even find the right manual.

FAQs of How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell

Do you have questions about how to find the model number of your Dell laptop? Our FAQ section has more information. Find answers to frequently asked questions, step-by-step instructions, and easy identification tips.

How do I find the model number for my laptop?

1) Click “Start.”
2) Look for “System Information” and click here.
3) Click “System Summary” now.
4) Click on “System Model” next.
5) The model number will find up when you click on the system model.

How can I find out how old my Dell laptop is?

1) Hit the “Warranty Status” button.
2) Enter your service number.
3) After that, click “Go.”
4) You’ll see all the details about your laptop, like the month, day, and year it was made.

How do I find my Windows 10 laptop’s serial number?

1) Right-click on “Start.”
2) Pick the “Command Prompt” option.
3) On Windows 7, press Windows + R and then type “cmd” in the Run dialog box.
4) Press “Enter” after that. This will show you the laptop’s serial number under the words “Serial Number.”

Find the model number of the Dell laptop

Conclusion on How To Find Laptop Model Number Dell

Follow any of the above steps to find the model number for your Dell laptop. These are the quickest and most straightforward ways to find out about your laptop.

You can also find out your laptop’s model number by letting the Dell support website figure out what kind
of laptop you have.

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